How to become an Blog admin on another site for Blogger

Blog admin

Blog admin is the is the one that controls a blog pannel.Most of us are into Blogging, but many are unable to manage and understands some of the things that are on there blog,most expecially the newbies,that just started blogging journey, Handling some things on there hmtl or applying some important things on there blog are the problem the upcoming Bloggers really face.


Now this tips are for those that hosted there  site on Blogger,not for WordPress.

Making another person an admin on your site is very simple and great to do, but it requires a bit step to get it done and dusted.

Permit me to say this, before allowing someone to becomes an admin on your site,you must make sure that the person is an expert on Blogging field,to avoid disarrange of your blogsite and also make sure that his or her email address is  valid.

How to be an blog admin on another site

Now if you’re the owner of the site, you have  to invite the second admin that you want him or her to access your site, now see the steps to invite the second admin of your site.

Steps to invite an blog admin


  1. Now first of all, you need to login on your blogsite dashboard/panel, then go to settings, after that click on basic,after you click on basic, then you have to scroll down, where you  will see permission, now under the same permission,then you will see blog author. Now on that blog author, the email which you use to open you blogsite have to be there, look under the email and see add author,now at this point you have to click on add author,then it will pop up a box,now on that box,you need to add the second admin email address,make sure it’s correct and valid and click on invite .
  2. Now the invitation will be sent to the second admin that will access your site and tell him the purpose of the mail massage. Now he needs to accept the invitation by clicking on accept button, now ones he accepted the invitation, you will be notified about his acceptance.
  3. Then his email address will be on your website as an author,at this juncture, you need to make him the admin, so that he can start working on your site. Now on the new author email address, at the right side, click on author and click on admin,ones you have done it, the person can now start working on your site, because you just made him or her an admin of your site.
  4. Now assuming if you want to remove the new blog admin on your site, then on the same place you added him, where his own email address is, click on the sign that looks like cancel,ones you click it, it will be gone instantly,now the person is no longer an admin on your site.
  5. Now may be you want to invite another person to become an blog admin on your blog, you can easily follows the same procedure to do that.
  6. Now regarding making another person an blog admin on WordPress hosted site, it is very simple to do, because all you need to do is to give the person your username and password you used to open your website and your email address. This one only requires your details only.                              If you have any questions regarding on how to make or become an blog admin on a any site, our comments box is open for your queries,we are always at service please do asking because we will reply your questions quickly.                                                Now always remember to return to our site , for more professional Blogging tips and also for new Bloggers.



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