How To Activate Deactivated MTN SIM 2022: best steps you need to follow

Looking for how to activate, deactivate MTN SIM or cancel any subscription plan made mistakenly, that causes an unnecessary deduction of your airtime from the balance automatically? Relax in this post I’m going to show you how to cancel any automatic deduction of airtime from your balance, after you follow this step correctly, you will not experience MTN SIM deduction.

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More so in this post I’m going to show you how you can use MTN SIM to make unlimited calls without much airtime cost this includes national and international and how to make your data last til the expiration date if you follow my steps correctly you will see results and have the best experience of MTN SIM card.

How to cancel or opt-out of MTN subscription plan

Honestly these steps will not take you one minute to cancel it now see how it works…

(STEP 1)

Now Whenever MTN deducted money from your balance, there’s a particular MTN number that sends you the massage of auto-renewal of the plan you agreed to subscribe to, and it’s usually 131.

(STEP 2)

Visit your phone or your smartphone messenger app, and locate where “131” sent you a massage of that plan they always deduct whenever the sub. get expired.

(STEP 3)

After you have located it, then you need to send them a message with this number I will show you now. ( Text NO104 to 131 ).

( STEP 4)

After you have texted NO104 to 131, then you will get a message that said you have successfully opted out from so so plan that you agreed with MTN. That means you have just deactivated or cancelled the plan that is always minus your airtime every day shown on the screenshot.

How to get unlimited airtime and data from MTN SIM?

To get unlimited airtime and data from an MTN SIM card that can call national and international, you have to use this code to recharge your MTN line.

Dail *888*pin# they will give you 5x of what you recharge. Go and try it and enjoy MTN SIM card service.

Mtn sim activation


MTN SIM card is one of the trusted network services with a lot of benefits, both on calls, internet data, plans to borrow data, airtime and many more. Always return to our website for more information about SIM card service solutions.

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