How Insurance Agent Can Boast their Website Traffic From Google,Facebook and Instagram


As an insurance agent, knowing what works in your insurance business is the way out to Get a serious client and make sales in your insurance company.

Alot of people are searching for an insurance Agent that can help them get the best quote, policy, insurance pdf and insurance coverage for there businesses,pet,home, farms,health and many more.

As an insurance Agent you have any tendency to apply for all the free SEO strategies that works and help your business to grow more and make effect.

In this post I’m going to discuss how you can attract more customers (traffic) to your website as an insurance Agent and after implematating it, you’re going see alot of changes on your website traffic and also serious client.

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Tips to increase your insurance website traffic as an insurance Agent

Getting more traffic to your insurance website you need best Searching engine optimization strategies (SEO). Which I will show you steps how to use search engines optimization to increase your website visibility on Google, Facebook, Instagram.

Insurance Agent website traffic trick

Some of the insurance company Agent don’t know more about SEO, Search engine optimization,they only Created insurance website,but they find it hard to get traffic to their website because most of there content are not indexed by Google.

As an insurance company Agent getting traffic from Google,you have connect your website to Google search console,so when ever you make post it will be index and crawl by Google. You can get the answer on how to connect your website to search console from Google.

How insurance Agent Get traffic on their insurance website using on page SEO

Now at this point you have to do research on what people are searching for on the best insurance coverage that is suitable for them. How do you do it? You can use keywords research tools to see what people are searching for on insurance company. Here are keywords research website, semrush,ubersugest, Google trends,ahref etc.

How to make on page SEO post that will increase your insurance website traffic

After you have found the keywords you want to write about on any of the keywords research website mentioned earlier, now you have to make a long post about the keywords, Use a good post tittle that can attract more clicks on Google,make use of backlink, interlink other related post to every of you post, because it will reduce bounce rate on your website.

How to make off page SEO post that can increase your insurance agent website traffic

This is the act of making relevant comments on top insurance website that has a good Domain authority (DA) and Page authority (PA). This website likely rank on Google first page. Again is creating Account on some of the forum like Quora, LinkedIn,Politico etc.

Join insurance groups ,make post on your account, answer peoples questions, recommend them to your website and your audience will begin to grow.

How insurance Agent get more traffic from Facebook and Instagram to their website

Getting traffic from Facebook to your website, you need either Facebook account,page or group. But at this point I recommend to start with Facebook grou because you can easily grow audience from Facebook groups. You can Entitle your page (Insurance Agent in the USA) or any country of your choice depending your location.

Insurance Agent traffic Instagram

Now this is also applicable to Instagram account. When you open your Instagram accounts you write about your self and business on your Instagram account bio and also include your website too.

Also ensure that your account is always active, create content on insurance topics create,add value to your followers grow your audience you are going to see how effective your insurance agent business is.

Other paid ways to improve your insurance website traffic

Now you can also get traffic in a paid means through advertising. You can advertise with Google ads, Facebook page, Instagram page etc. The purpose of it is to increase your website traffic so that you can convert those traffic into sales. Remember to add value to your clients so that they will also recommend you to their friends that needs insurance agent service.

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