Complete step on how to use zoom meeting app on your iPhone



Zoom  app forAndroid users.

During the pandemic, the rate which people uses the zoom app to connect with friends and families is very high. From thousands of users to hundred millions of users currently, which made the zoom shares to increased to the core.


The zoom meeting app have  a quality vidoe, plus it has a  free version and paid version of it. The different between both are duration and number of  people.

Now the free version last for 30mins to  40mins with maximum number of 100 people, while the paid version duration last up to 20hrs and more, plus it contains maximum number of 1,000 participants,you can also streem on social media as well. top 10 direct selling companies in india


How to use zoom app on your  iphone

Follow this step, it’s very easy to usezoom app on your iPhone

1. Sign-up for zoom meeting

Now sign up on zoom website, using your email address or you can use any of your social media handle, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, linkedin and Pinterest.But if you don’t want,you can easily sign up using you Google account that’s using your email address.

Download zoom meeting software

Now on the zoom site,at the top right side of your iPhone,you will see download zoom app, click on it and download  and install it.

Hosting a meeting

Now after you have installed the zoom app, you’re almost there. Put your details and sign you can start  or join  a meeting with it. if you are hosting  a meeting, you will see your invitation link or meeting ID which others can easily use and join the meeting, now share it to them by inviting them to the zoom meeting.


Now if you want to join a meeting, you can easily join by clicking on invitation link or you  copy and paste the meeting ID on zoom app,once you have joined, turn on to the the internet so you can hear the meeting can mute, stop video, chat and many features on zoom app,once you are done click on end meeting and leave.

Free Google meet will be available as soon as possible.


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