How do I connect my laptop to my TV screen


Connecting your laptop to your TV screen is not hard as many think:

Many people connect their laptop to their TV screen with many reasons,now I will show you and easy step on how to connect your laptop to your TV screen.

How to connect my laptop to my TV screen:compl com step

Connecting  laptop to TV screen is just a little battle all you need is to get what is needed and to put it in the best inputs.

Now let’s follow the trick: ok first of all what you need to do is to connect your TV to the best input, that’s to switch it to right input, then you need to configure your laptop like To re-rout  its display through the TV screen these can work automatically but if it doesn’t then follow this way.

Every PC user should be able two circle through the available display option,using specific display function key and also  conjoined the  FN button, then you need to keep pressing this circle,laptop display, TV display and laptop and TV display together.

After it then right click the desktop in window to select screen resolution from it ,you will be able to select from TV screen display.



Then for Mac users select display, if it is not available then detect it and select immediately, take me to display to put your TV screen perfectly in sync with your macbook’s perfectly.


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