Hisense ULED 4K Premium 75inches Quantum -UK,US review


SCREEN SIZE: 75-Inches





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The Hisense TV is the best price TV ever. The price worth it.

It came out with many great features and it has all the amazing things to look into when thinking about purchasing a new brand TV.

The Hisense picture display quality is so stunning that you can watch it in any weather. It has a 4k resolution, best TV size,(75-inches).

The ULED TV has a good contrast ratio, sound bar, smart technology DISPLAY best price TV deal.

One of the best Features of Hisense TV has that you can not find in VIZIO 75 inches TV is the TV brightness,the TV brightness is so stunning that after you stream, play game or watch movies on it,you will have a new viewing experience from the TV.

Reason to buy Reason not to buy

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“Hisense TV rank top 20 selling TV in 2021 because the ULED brand came out with alot of amazing features which will make you to go for the TV.”


The Hisense TV Picture quality is excellent 10/10, the audio and video menus (Settings) are really easy to use, Super happy, highly recommend.

Amazing picture quality. No quality issues others have seen. Deep blacks and gets more than bright enough.

The difference between the 6G and 7G is not worth the price and the 8G doesn’t come in 75 inch.
The TV uses Android which connects to your Gmail so all your apps automatically sign in. The picture quality is stunning. Made even better when you have access to UHD or 4k. It automatically adjusts to Dolby picture mode.
Connected my surround sound system used the ARC cable and it auto picked up on the TV controller.
If you are looking for a large TV with amazing picture quality for under a K then this is a MUST buy.


Excellent picture quality with complete control over calibration (but presets right out of the box is amazing).
OTA receiver is the best I’ve ever seen. More channels and good strong signal strength, better than the LG tv I replaced.
For a tv, amazing sound. I use a sound bar with subwoofer but you can get by without one with this tv.
No glare, my old LG was almost unwatchable when the afternoon sun came through the transom.
Unpacking and setup is a breeze. I had this tv up and running in 5 minutes using google and my smartphone.
I truly love this tv, highly recommend and right now, it is the biggest bang for the buck!


Would say that this TV is an excellent value for the money. I would buy this TV over any competitor even if they are $100 cheaper. Its color its brightness and black levels are outstanding for the price. I’ve been a video professional and I am extremely picky. The only complaint I can give this TV is that it does not have a 120 Hz panel which would be a good thing for certain use cases these days.

Mainly gaming. If you can get past that, then this TV is just about perfect for the price. I can’t recommend it enough. I would recommend a sound bar but luckily Hisense makes one that pairs very nicely with it that is extremely affordable.

Bottom line

Going for the Hisense ULED brand TV would be the best choice for you as you will experience alot of amazing Technology features which you cannot see in other TV brand like QLED.

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