Heldylife.com Review: Is Heldylife life Legit or Scam,login & Register

Heldylife.com Review. Heldylife is a newly launched platform that helps other big or small companies to advertise their products. Luckily in this post, we have reviewed all the necessary information you need to know before investing or partnering with Helylife.com.

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This includes what’s is held life, how this company works, who is eligible to invest and partner with this platform, how to make a daily income on the platform, and their minimum-maximum investment package, and how to register, login and refer your friends to earn an extra whopping cash from the platform. So relax and read on for a better understanding of how heldylife.com works.

What is the heldylife and how does it work?

Hildy Life Advertisement is a new platform that is designed to advertise the products and services of other companies. The company specialise in collecting adverts from other companies such as Adsterra, Google and others and display them in members’ dashboard, whenever someone views any advert, the platform gets a commission.

Then pay  60% of the money paid to them on advertising as registered members’ share of the money each time they view or watch an advert on the platform.

Heldylife login,registration
Heldylife login,registration

Who is Eligible to invest in the Heldylife platform

Everyone is eligible to invest and partner with them. As an advertiser, you pay money to place your ads on their platform, then as a member of held life, you subscribe to any package of your choice you start making money on the platform. The minimum package is #1000 and the maximum is #100,000. Withdrawal can be made daily once your earnings reach 200 Naira for all packages

Heldylife investment package

There are 5 investment packages on Heldylife here is the list:

Starter Pack- ₦1,000

Standard package – ₦5,000

Pro Pack – ₦10,000

Premium – ₦50,000

Platinum – ₦100,000

Each package has its features and benefits. You can upgrade packages anytime or subscribe to more than one package using different accounts.


1000 NGN
Plan Details
Daily Limit: 10 PTC
Referral Bonus: Upto 1 Level
Plan Price: 1000 NGN
Validity: LifeTime


10000 NGN
Plan Details
Daily Limit: 100 PTC
Referral Bonus: Upto 2 Level
Plan Price: 10000 NGN
Validity: LifeTime


5000 NGN
Plan Details
Daily Limit: 50 PTC
Referral Bonus: Upto 2 Level
Plan Price: 5000 NGN
Validity: LifeTime


50000 NGN
Plan Details
Daily Limit: 520 PTC
Referral Bonus: Upto 2 Level
Plan Price: 50000 NGN
Validity: LifeTime


100000 NGN
Plan Details
Daily Limit: 1050 PTC
Referral Bonus: Upto 2 Level
Plan Price: 100000 NGN
Validity: LifeTime

Heldylife Registration and login

To register on held life, visit heldylife.com signup with your details and register. After you have become a member, you can now have the access to login on to your account and start your daily task and make money.

Is heldylife Legit or Scam (Review)

Heldylife.com is not a scam. After our experts reviewed the platform, we did not see a scam record from the company. And they are fulfilling their promises, heldylife have a good vision for their members. We always advise our website users to invest only the way they can afford to risk.

Is referral a must on Heldylife.com?

No referral is not a must. But if you want to earn extra whopping cash you can get your friends registered on the platform and make more money daily from home.


Heldylife.com platform has a good ecosystem. The platform has helped many people to make more money online without stress. You can go on and register and start making money immediately. Always remember to invest what you can afford to lose. Please subscribe to our website push notifications 🔔  for more latest investment platforms.

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