Google says Chrome is helping ease the transition to hybrid working


A new blog post, Chrome Group Product Manager RK Popkin explained how having a modern browser will be essential to the success of organizations’ hybrid working strategies.

As our organization, and other organizations of all sizes, transition to a more hybrid way of working, it’s absolutely key to have a modern browser that’s built to support both admins and end users. The good news is, Chrome is made for this! Literally. It’s purpose-built for flexible work—and as the future unfolds and businesses’ needs continue to evolve, we’re committed to making sure our browser is even easier to manage, even more secure, and even more helpful, so all of us can be more productive,

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“Going forward, the search giant plans to build Chrome to be a stronger asset for the enterprise by focusing on simpler management, modernized security, productivity and helpful integrations”

(PWAs), Chrome apps and Android apps. The report even allows admins to force install or block individual apps as well as see their versions and permissions”

Another recent feature in Chrome that was created based on customer requests allows admins and even service desk employees to clear an end user’s browsing data, cookies and cache remotely to help with troubleshooting”



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