Google Board using method in Easy way

Google Board
  • Google board is one Best screenboard that has alot of features and can easily be use in times of typing, translating, audio speak and many more. To make good  useof Google board, you need to understand the features on the Google board, so that you will enjoy using it and make it to be fun.😊

Tips to make use of Gboard on your site

1️⃣ Choose your best screen theme why typing

This is on one of the ways I make my typing to be more easy and fun, Google board has alot of theme, which contains many colors on it, now for me to type like 800 to 1,000 words at a particular time, i need to choose the best color theme of mine,to make my typing faster and accessible because it’s my best color
[and the more I see the color, the more I get the zeal to type more.
Looking at the screenshot, you will see alot of theme color, very adorable to make use of when typing

2️⃣ Allow to Show suggestion trip

Now you need to allow suggestion trip to be on, while typing, because it plays a lot of role while using Google board, such as auto-Capitalisation,text correction, next word suggestion and many more. It has helped In many ways to many article writers from involving in wrong spelling, plus words that needs to start with capital letters.

3️⃣ Enhance your communication by translating

Language barrier has made some poeple not to communicate to many people around the Globe, because of different speaking languages from different countries. English are mostly used in times of communication,but looking at it,not everyone can understand it English, but with this translation, you can translate to any language of your choice such as
Italian, French, Arabic, Dutch, Latin, Garo, Fijii Hindi Creamia Turkish, Chenese, German, Georgia,
Creek,Cujarati, Halbi,Malay, Malayam,Jula,Kambaata, Lingala,maba,
Kurdish, ladino Napali, Bodo,Tamil Telugu,lambadi, Spanish, Nupe, Ghanaian,
Quashqai queshuai, Zarma, Zaza, Zulu,Zande Venda, Uzbek, Yaka,yao,
Saraiki, Gondi,hardijja,Kanadda, kok borok, Russia, Romania,urdu, English,

4️⃣ Save your post by turning on Google board clipboard

This tip is very fun to use, any interested text that you copied from any where will be saved on your Google board effectively,but if the clipboard is currently off ,it won’t be saved because it’s off

5️⃣ Choose your hand type by shifting the Google board to left or right hand side


I’m always shifting the board at the left hand side, reason is because I’m left handed, when using my phone to type,I always use my left hand side to make my typing easy for me,but if I’m using my laptop to type I always switch off the layout so it will be in the middle of it , because I use both hands to do the typing work .


Always remember to make your work very easy for your self, the more your  work it’s easy,the more you are progressing and getting what you actually need in your life.




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