Food preparation tip:- a good way to prepare bread toast, complete guide.



Food preparation tip:- Are you looking for an easy and effective method to prepare bread toast by or are you dreaming of preparing to sale? this blog Will give you the best and easy answer on how to prepare an effective bread toast in Nigeria.

Consumption of bread toast in Nigeria is gradually increasing,
Many people like to eat bread, as there breakfast,some do use coffee, pap, to eat this bread toast, while some sales it at market place here.
Now I want you to know the easy way to prepare it because this blog will give you the best information, that you needed to prepare most beautiful bread toast.

Food preparation tip:-How bread toast is prepared and served , complete guide.

First stage,get slice bread

Slice bread is the best for bread toast, because it will be very easy for it to absorb the ingredients that you will put in the bread toast.

Food preparation tip:- Second stage,the ingredients

Now this are spices or ingredients that you can use to do a good bread toast, they are ; cooked or fried ice fish, Fresh tomatoes,salt,Maggi,fried egg. Now all this Will be mixed up,so that it will give it a good aroma and taste.

Food preparation tip:- Stage three

Now start bringing out the bread in pairs, start putting the mixed spices between the two slice bread, make sure you close it very well.

Food preparation tip:-Last stage.

switch on your bread toaster oven, some contains four bread toast at once, while some are two,now put the bread,the mixed bread and close it,leave it for five minutes and open it,it should be done by then.

You can now enjoy your your bread toast or if you want to sale you can sale it at the market place.
There’s additional way on how to do this for those that don’t have bread toaster, which is by using frying pan.


 How to use frying pan to do bread toast.

Now if you have mixed and put the spices inside the bread, you get a frying pan, now put a little oil in the pan, wait for a bit time so that it gets hot ,once it gets hot, put the closed bread inside the pan, once it stays a little time,you turn it to other side of the bread,so that it will be okay and cum together,once it has joined you can now bring it out,wow it’s done.

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