Fluid Finance Arbitrage Review 2022: Sign up, Login, Apk, App, Legit or a Scam

Fluid Finance app is digital cash, which is simply real money in digital form. It can be used to purchase digital assets, exchanged for world currencies, or spent on your cards anywhere in the world. Fluid Finance is a revolutionary new approach to banking, built for the digital age.  Integrated all the benefits of traditional banking with all the benefits of the digital world – within one app.

It’s designed to make your money work harder for you. Your money is protected as client safeguarded funds with fluid finance banking partners and covered by fraud and theft insurance through Lloyd’s of London.

Fluid Finance App Review (About the app)

Fluid Finance has made available applications on the App Store offered by Apple, Inc and the Play Store,
offered by Google, Inc. These Apps may be accessed through third-party software and are subject to
the terms of use by these third parties, including Apple and Google.

Fluid Finance provides no
representations or warranties in respect of the use of any third-party software, including software
provided by Apple or Google.
Certain restrictions may apply to the Apps that are imposed by Apple or Google. You should read the
terms and conditions carefully from Apple and Google about using the Apps.

Fluid Finance has also made available a web app, which is available at https://app.fluidfi.ch.
There may be software errors in the Apps. You should use the Apps at your discretion
and at risk. Fluid Finance makes no representation or warranties in respect of the use of the Apps.

Access to the Products

Fluid Finance provides access to banking and card services through the Apps. These services are
provided by their Partners. Fluid Finance is not a bank. Terms for use of card products are set out in this
Fluid Finance provides what they called Traditional Bank Accounts, which are available through the Apps
and provided by their Partners.

These may be either electronic money or multi-currency wallets or (in
the United States) FDIC-insured bank accounts. These accounts vary depending on your jurisdiction.
For these Accounts, you should read carefully the terms of use from Partners, which are
incorporated into these Terms.

About Fluid finance Accounts

Fluid Finance offers accounts that are related to its Digital Cash product. These are not bank accounts
and do not allow access to the traditional banking system. You may use Digital Cash in your Fluid, Accounts to make purchases in the digital world, For all holdings in Fluid Accounts, Fluid Finance may pay a share of fees from our in-house exchange
activities. This is referred to as a target interest rate. This fee sharing is solely at the discretion of the
Company and is not an obligation of Fluid Finance. The Company reserves the right to change the
target interest rate at any time.

By opening a Fluid Account, You accept that the Digital Cash in your Fluid Account may be used in our
internal exchange operations to facilitate liquidity provision.

Traditional Bank Accounts

All banking services are offered via our partners. Fluid Finance is not a bank. From Your Traditional
Bank Account you can top up and send traditional currencies. Fluid Finance offers
traditional currencies in the Apps at its sole discretion. You may also exchange between different
traditional currencies in the Apps.
Access to electronic money, multi-currency wallets and bank accounts are provided by the app.

Fluid finance login

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