Fetch by Dodo pet insurance review (2022)

As you’re likely aware, pet insurance has been on the rise in recent years, which means that there are more pet insurance options than ever before. But with so many pet insurance companies emerging onto the scene, how do you know which one to choose?

Fetch by Dodo is one such company, and it has quickly gained popularity as a premier pet insurance option among consumers. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at whether or not Fetch by Dodo might be right for your situation and help you determine if it’s the right choice for your pet-owning needs!

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● Fetch has good coverage, but you have to watch out for potential gaps in your coverage.

● One thing I like about Fetch is that they reimburse you with gift cards instead of straight cash.

● This means that you can always use them for a purchase at any pet store and not worry about losing money from fluctuating exchange rates or bank fees.

● The $50 reimbursement also covers your annual membership fee, which is pretty awesome as well!


Several disadvantages policy with higher deductible le.

● First, it is important to keep in mind that a high deductible means that you will pay more out of pocket before your insurance kicks in.

● You will also be responsible for paying all or part of any vet bills until you reach your deductible, which can be a significant amount if you are dealing with an emergency.

Look at Fetch by The Dodo Pet Insurance Benefits

Before we delve into whether or not Fetch is for you, let’s examine its key features. This will help you decide if it’s right for your dog. You and your canine companion are all set to embark on a magical, life-changing adventure.

until he gets hurt. An accident while hiking in Colorado leaves Chip injured and out of commission. It’s time to call Fetch – can they come through again? Or should you take him to an emergency clinic instead? Let’s take a look at how Fetch works. They cover accidents that occur outside of your home, which means there are no limits as to where you go with your pup.

They also cover accidents that occur inside your home as long as you were home when they occurred (and assuming that you don’t have a doggie door). The coverage amount depends on your plan, but it ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 per incident. If you want to know more about what each plan covers and doesn’t cover, check out their official website here.

As far as deductibles go, Fetch has two options: $100 per incident or $250 per incident. The former is good for people who want a simple plan that won’t cost them much money upfront.

Fetch by Dodo pet insurance review

What Fetch by The Dodo Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover

To start, they don’t cover pre-existing conditions. So if your dog has a health issue you knew about before signing up with Fetch, you’re responsible for paying those related costs out of pocket. If you don’t remember when (or if) your pet had a preexisting condition, it might be smart to ask your vet if any issues might come up later down the road. Also, some plans require you to use certain veterinarians to get reimbursed.

The fine print on Fetch’s website says their plan covers the usual and customary fees charged by local veterinarians who accept our plan. This means that you may have trouble getting reimbursed if your vet charges more than other vets in your area—even if he or she is better at diagnosing an illness or performing surgery than other vets in town.

Fetch by The Dodo Waiting Periods for Coverage

Out of Pocket Expenses and Exclusions Fetch by The Dodo is still new on the pet insurance scene. As such, they are lacking in coverage options as well as lengthy waiting periods before coverage kicks in. Let’s take a look at how long you’ll have to wait for your dog to get insured with Fetch by The Dodo. Here’s what we found out about their waiting periods for coverage:

1. Waiting Period for Accidents & Illnesses: 7 days

2 . Waiting Period for Preventative Care : 0 days

3. Waiting Period after Rabies Vaccination : 0 days

4. For accidents & illnesses, your dog will be covered after just seven days.

This means that if he gets sick or injured within those first seven days of getting his policy, you won’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket.

Fetch by The Dodo’s Pet Insurance Coverage Levels

Who Does Fetch by The Dodo’s Pet Insurance Cover and How Much Coverage Do They Offer? According to Fetch, their plan covers up to 90% of your expected vet bills, which is a higher amount than most other pet insurers offer. In addition, you’ll have access to 25% off with every claim you submit—which makes for some pretty sweet savings!

However, keep in mind that these savings will only apply if you use one of Fetch’s approved vets. For example, if you live in California and want to use an out-of-network vet for your dog or cat, then that 25%off savings won’t apply. However, if you live in Oregon or New York (and many other states), then you can use any veterinary clinic without worrying about paying more out-of-pocket expenses.

Another benefit is that Fetch provides coverage for annual wellness visits, vaccinations, spay/neuter procedures and more. And if you purchase Fetch’s Plus Plan ($19 per month) or Max Plan ($29 per month), then you’ll receive coverage for dental cleanings as well. What else does Fetch cover? Well, they also provide reimbursements for pre-existing conditions (but only after 30 days from your policy start date). So what are some of their exclusions?

What are some of their exclusions?

So, if you’re looking for one of those bare-bones plans where you can save a few dollars every month, Fetch might not be right for you. It is certainly possible to save money on premium costs with other companies. But if your dog or cat has a history of health problems, Fetch might just be your best bet.

Fetch by The Dodo Review

Fetch is a new insurance plan specifically designed for pets, created in partnership with leading medical organizations like the ASPCA. Fetch aims to make your life easier, allowing you to worry less about unexpected vet bills and more about enjoying your favourite companions. So how does Fetch work? With several different plans available at varying rates, there’s a coverage option for every budget and every pet owner’s needs.

The average premium for an annual policy is $21 per month—and as a bonus, if you sign up before May 31st, you can get a free month of coverage! If you’re looking for affordable pet insurance that will give your furry friend access to top-notch veterinary care, then look no further than Fetch by The Dodo. Click here to learn more!

Plans Available from Fetch by The Dodo

Fetch offers two plans for covering your pets’ medical costs. The first is a $10 per month plan that covers 90% of your expenses. The second option is a $20 per month plan that pays out 85% of what you spend. This can make things complicated when trying to figure out which option will save you more money, especially since Fetch makes it difficult to find their coverage limits online.

Some certain breeds and conditions are excluded from both plans, so be sure to read through all of Fetch’s fine print before signing up. If you have any questions about Fetch’s policy or fees, you can reach them at 855-738-3437.

Fetch’s the fine print

One of Fetch’s selling points is that they offer annual inflation-based price adjustments. You pay a base rate of $10/month per pet, and then every year Fetch will adjust your premium accordingly to keep pace with rising prices. If you started with a base rate of $10, your first price adjustment would be for a rate of $11, and so on.

How Much Does Fetch by The Dodo Cost?

The monthly premium for an average dog ranges from $30 to $40, depending on your region. It’s expensive, sure, but its price is comparable to other insurance plans. The premium covers all types of treatment for your pet and comes with no deductible or copay. You can save money on your monthly bill if you sign up for a multi-pet discount (15 per cent).

How Do I Buy Pet Insurance From Fetch by The Dodo?

The first step in buying Fetch by The Dodo pet insurance is to visit their website. Fetch is sold exclusively online, so you’ll need to input some information about your dog or cat and answer a few questions about its breed, age, and weight before moving on to Fetch’s three simple steps for purchasing a policy.

You can choose from one of four different levels of coverage—Basic, Standard, Premium, and Premier—and then decide how long you want your plan to last (from one month up to 12 months). Once you’ve filled out all of your information, Fetch will ask if you want to sign up for automatic payments; if you do not opt-in here, they will send reminders that payment is due every month.

How Do I Cancel a Pet Insurance Plan from Fetch by The Dodo?

Many factors go into deciding whether or not a pet insurance plan is right for you. If you have decided to cancel your plan, here’s how you can do so on Fetch’s website. Please note that cancellations must be submitted to The Dodo Pet Insurance Agency within 60 days of the date of purchase for a partial refund. After that time has elapsed, no refunds will be given.

To submit a cancellation request, follow these steps:

1) Log in to your account

2) Click Change/Cancel Plan

3) Click Request Cancellation

4) Fill out the form and click Submit Request

You may also call our customer service team at 866-702-8228 Monday through Friday from 8 am – 9 pm EST and Saturday from 9 am – 5 pm EST with any questions about cancelling your policy.

Does Fetch by The Dodo Have a Deductible?

As with most pet insurance plans, there is a deductible. With Fetch’s dog and cat plans, there is an annual deductible of $100 per injury or illness. This amount can be paid either monthly or annually. In other words, if your dog needs surgery and you want to pay that annual $100 once instead of 12 times as a monthly fee, you’re more than welcome to do so.

There are also deductibles for each accident and illness your dog experiences. For example, let’s say your dog gets into some poison ivy—if he needs treatment twice within one year, then you would have to pay two separate deductibles. If he only needed treatment once during that period, then you would only have to pay

one deductible (the same goes for cats). These amounts vary depending on which plan you choose; however, they range from $50-$200 depending on how much coverage you need.

Fetch by Dodo pre-existing conditions

When you sign up for Fetch, any existing conditions your dog may have will be covered. They say that even if a condition was present when you got your dog, it’s covered after you add him or her to your plan (as long as he or she is still under Fetch’s coverage period). If you enrol in Fetch after your dog is already sick, his or her preexisting condition(s) will not be covered.

It’s also important to note that if you decide to cancel your policy, there are no refunds on premiums. So make sure you tch before going through with enrollment!

Everything in Between

Paying attention to what your pet eats and drinks, as well as its regular veterinary care, can help keep medical bills low. But when big issues arise—like cancer or an accident—it’s good to have coverage. Pet insurance isn’t only for emergencies. If you think you might need treatment down the road, opt for a plan that covers common surgeries and ailments so they don’t break your budget down the line.

Fetch by Dodo offers three levels of protection: Basic, which includes coverage for illness and accidents; Preferred, which adds more illnesses like diabetes; and Elite, which includes all illnesses.


Fetch by Dodo is not worth your money. It’s pricier than its competitors and offers fewer features. If you’re on a budget, there are better pet insurers out there to choose from. I recommend Trupanion (see our review), which is easy to use and offers superior customer service.

Fetch will get some points for its name, but in most other areas it falls short of its competition. The premium is higher than average and does not include coverage for alternative treatments such as acupuncture or chiropractic care.

You also won’t find any discount options if you want to insure multiple pets at once—and even then, each pet has an individual deductible that needs to be met before claims can be filed. For example, my cats each have their own $500 deductible before claims can be filed—so I would need $1,000 in medical bills before any reimbursement could be made!

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