CUK Intel Core i9-11900K Eight Core 11th Gen Desktop Processor (Tray) LGA1200- U.K,U.S REVIEW


BRAND : computer upgrade king


CPU SOCKET : core i9





The Intel core i9 came out with the highest quality standards and technology.

When looking for the best PROCESSOR that have the best features,the Intel core i9 can give you all the amazing features of speed, installation fast editing,and core i9.

The computer upgrade king (BRAND) did alot of amazing work on CUK Intel core i9 Processor, which can enable you to do all kinds of editing work easily.

The processor speed is 3.5GHz but it works so fast than other Processor that has high price list.

Honestly I have bought the CUK Intel core i9 Processor,  and I had a great experience after using it.

One of the best features of Intel core i9 Processor which you can not see in RYZEN AMD processor is the secondary crèche.

Going for it would be fantastic as you will learn new skills and experience when editing your videos or games.

Reason to buy Reason not to buy
Best price Processor no AIO available
It has a good CPU speed no Reason


The CUK Intel core i9 Processor is one of the best recommended Processor that can perform very fantastic Features after purchasing it today. Here are the best features that made up of the CUK Intel.

The CUK Intel core i9 Processor Features and details explained:


The CUK Intel core i9 PROCESSOR os faster, stronger. This i9-core processor really delivers exceptional processing speed and overclocking power to Deep Learning prototyping. Although most of the training is done with GPU, having a multi-core processor is helpful to process large batches of data.

Optimization algorithms can take advantage of every single core to expedite exact and heuristic methods without the need of expensive servers. Using the optimized version of OpenCV for CPU delivers inference under 20 milliseconds and speeds of at least 30 frames per second.

What can I say, this CPU is super fast and will provide more CPU horsepower then you will ever need. Going for the CUK Intel core i9 Processor would be great as it will give you the chance to do every editing work faster.


Packaged well and shipped very quickly. The processor as advertised and did come AIO. Though the AIO does not include fans. The included AIO is not even close to being up to the task of cooling this chip. Even with fans on full, and the pump on full, it can cool the chip under a heavy load.

Good processor for a hi-end computer, come with a liquid cooler sistem that help to keep it cool.

The price is cheap and it worth it,every Features of the processor work so perfect than ever. This is the best Processor that I can recommend to everyone.


The efficient multi-threaded performance of the i9  Intel Core processors allow you to maximize your streaming quality and maintain high FPS while gaming. After buying this PROCESSOR,you will never go for any other Processor than CUK Intel processor.

Conclusion part

The CUK Intel PROCESSORS the (computer upgrade king) brand is the best Processor in the market also they’re reliable with more of Quality editing features you will enjoy it alot when streaming using the processor speed. Making the CUK Intel PROCESSORS i9 your choice would be fantastic as you will enjoy it like no other Processor in the market and also learn new technology editing skills.


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