Couples Boudoir Photography – How to Choose the Best

Couples Boudoir Photography – How to Choose the Best

The term boudoir photography may conjure up images of topless women, but it’s actually a much more diverse and creative type of photography than that. The word boudoir actually means bedroom, which aptly describes the setting of many boudoir shoots. Boudoir photos aren’t just sexy photos—in fact, they can be used in some very creative ways by couples who want to spice up their relationships or capture their love and passion on camera before tying the knot in marriage!

Get started on couples boudoir photography

What is couples boudoir photography? Couples boudoir photography is a type of session that features one or both partners in erotic, sexual positions or clothing. Sometimes, photographers will offer these packages as part of their wedding package; other times, it’s offered as a stand-alone option for any couple who wants a unique way to express their love for each other. Couples can choose from several different styles of poses: tender and romantic, playful and provocative—even kinky.

Know what you want

The first step in choosing a boudoir photographer is knowing what you want. This can be difficult because you’re probably not a professional photographer and might not know exactly what goes into taking photos for boudoir. The best way to get started is by doing some research online and looking at photos on boudoir websites. You may also find it helpful to consult with your significant other about their preferences for couples boudoir photography.

Look at portfolios

A quick online search for couples boudoir photography will return a few thousand results. You can find photographers who specialize in boudoir sessions, as well as more general wedding and portrait photographers who offer a version of it. What sets one photographer apart from another is a matter of taste. However, there are several questions you should ask yourself before booking your session: Do they have experience shooting couples? Does their work look modern or old-fashioned?

Consider special offers

When choosing couples boudoir photography, one of your first considerations should be special offers and discounted rates. Many boudoir photographers offer couples a discount for posing together in a session or other specials that reduce costs. Getting an amazing deal on boudoir photos will make your budget stretch further and may allow you to get more photos than you originally planned on. But remember, if it’s too good to be true, there might be a catch…your images might not be high quality.

Try before you buy

Getting a boudoir photo shoot is like buying anything else. You wouldn’t buy a car without first checking its reviews or test driving it, so don’t buy boudoir photos without trying them out first. Most photographers offer free portfolio reviews, which will give you an idea of their style and skill level before you commit. Seeing samples of past work can also help clarify what you want in your final product.

Avoid too-good-to-be-true offers

Any photo shoot that promises to turn you into a Victoria’s Secret model in 15 minutes (or less) is almost certainly a scam. And never pay up front. There’s no guarantee that you’ll ever see your photos—or have access to them again if you do. Look for real boudoir photographers with top-notch credentials, and make sure they post images online so you can check out their work before hiring them.

Check out your photographer’s studio

The setup of your photographer’s studio is a big factor in choosing someone for couples boudoir photography. What does it look like? Is it clean and organized or does it feel chaotic? This is not only important from a safety standpoint, but also from an aesthetic one: your photography should be tailored and tasteful, not distracting. Make sure you can imagine how you will look on their website before making an appointment!

Understand shooting time

It’s important for you and your partner to understand what you will be doing in front of camera. It’s also a good idea for both of you to learn about different angles, poses, clothing choices, etc., so that you can discuss these things before shooting begins. These small details are part of what will make a boudoir session successful and fun—which is exactly what you want!

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Think about packages & pricing

Choosing a package is an important part of selecting boudoir photography. To figure out which package is best for you, you need to consider what kind of images you’re looking for and your budget. Are there any other activities that would be fun to do together?


Couples boudoir photography is a wonderful way for couples to celebrate their love. It’s a fun and sensual experience that can be enjoyed in-person or online. When choosing a photographer, it is important to hire someone who will make you feel comfortable during your shoot. Couples should choose photographers with experience and talent, as well as positive feedback from other clients. If possible, schedule a trial session so you can test out different ideas and poses until you get just what you want from your session.

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