Code for Access bank, balance,App and best transfer


Did you have an Access bank account are you worried on how to get there codes for certain transactions? Relax we got you covered in all code for Access bank account transaction.

Code for Access bank transfer (SIM)

From Access bank to Access bank  Dail *901*1amount*acccount number# e.g *901*1*5000*0012893902# and send.

But if you want to transfer from Access bank to other account like First bank, Zenith Bank,GT Bank.

Dail *901*2*amount*acccount number# e.g *901*2*5000*1234098329# and send. 

The different between both the 1 and 2 code. It’s very simple and convenience try it in your mobile phone and have a successful Banking with access.

Codes for Access bank balance check

Using the number used to create your access bank account,

Dail *901*5# your access bank account balance will show up with some seconds and Also in you massage. 

N/B if it’s not the number you use to create account  in access bank it cannot send.

Code for Access bank BVN check

The USSD code to check Access Bank Verification Number is *565*0# with the number use to register the Account.

Code for Access bank


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