Coca cola scholarship in USA 2021 : best scholarship


Coca cola Scholarship Foundation has a long history of providing financial assistance to outstanding students at community colleges,” said Jane Hale Hopkins, President of the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation. The coca coca scholarship will play a crucial role in the life of scholars.

what is coca cola scholarship program?

“What is the Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship all About?
The Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship is an achievement-based scholarship awarded to senior graduating high school students”.

Furthermore, the ideal of this scholarship is based on leadership and service. And also, the commitment to creating a significant impact on both their communities and institutions.The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation is also dedicated to helping as many students as they can. Nevertheless, as a result of the limited resources coupled with a large number of applications, they can only be able to award scholarships to just a small percentage of students.

How to apply coca cola scholarship 2021


“The Scholarship Application Process
Are you wondering how to apply for the Coca-Cola Scholarship? First of all, you’ll have to submit a Google Form application through Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation online portal.”Luckily, there wouldn’t be any need for transcripts, essays, or other supplementary documents usually required to apply for a scholarship;

Notwithstanding, before filling out the application, you are recommended by the foundation to secure a copy of your transcript. The reason is to ensure that you are actually providing up-to-date and very accurate information about yourself.

In addition to the above mentioned, below are some of the documents that you are required to gather before filling out the application:

High School Code for your school from College Board.
The combined approximate income of your parents before taxes last year (optional).
Information about all your school-sponsored extracurriculars. Example: How long did you stay in each club. What were your official leadership titles? And how long have you been playing the roles?
Information about all your honors and awards received all throughout your stay in high school.

Information on any community service hours you’ve completed all through your stay in high school.
Furthermore, the number of AP, IB, and Honors classes offered at your school.
Your grades all through your stay in high school.

Your present class size and class rank.
Also, provide information on all your work experiences all through your high school. Such as The job. How many hours you work per week, and more.

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