Chin chin baking process,very easy steps


Chin-chin are mostly consumes on our daily basis, including pop corn, groundnut, donuts, plantain chips and many others thing that’s shewable lol. Baking of chin is very simple to do and that’s why I decided to show you an easy way to bake a sweet chin chin for your self or for sale.

Firstly I will like to list all nice ingredients use to bake a sweet Chin chin for your self.

Chinchin ingredients

Flour,sugar, butter, baking powder, eggs, milk and nutmeg.

Full Steps on how to bake it


Step one baking process

Now in one bowl,you need to combine the dry ingredients; flour, sugar, baking powder and nutmeg.Now you need to stir it thoroughly,so that everything will be together,after it then slice in the butter.

Step two baking process

Now in a separate bowl , bring the milk and eggs together,mix /whisk the milk and eggs together.

Baking process step three

Now using your hand or a Doug mixer, combine all the things  you mixed earlier,the dry ingredients and butter and the egg and the milk,mix all together.

Baking process step four

When all the things have been mixed properly,now the dough will be formed,flow your pastry board and roll out the dough,till it becomes flat.once it becomes flat,use a knife covered in flour,cut the dough horizontally and vertically,in order to give it a nice square shape.

Baking process Last stage

Using your fry pan that contains groundnut oil,a very hot oil,now start putting the cut dough in the pan,deep fry the cut dough squares, until it becomes golden brown.

Ones it is golden brown, your chin chin is done and ready to eat you can enjoy your self 😀 you are great.

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