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Car insurance 1st central: is a company name used by First Central Insurance Management Ltd which is acceptable and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.Unlike many car insurance, in the market, 1st Central mostly focused on offering car insurance. The broker employs 600 staff and operates out of four locations, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Sussex and Manchester.

What are 1st Central car insurance best deal?

Car insurance 1st central offers coverage that will be good for many drivers, but those with the following needs might like to pay special attention, as it could be ideal:

  • if you have young children and welcome the benefit of child car seat cover
  • if you have expensive in-car entertainment which might not normally be covered
  • if you are concerned about being involved in a claim involving an uninsured driver
  • if you want car key cover, which will ensure your locks would also be replaced if you suffer this type of lock.

What kind of car insurance can 1st Central offer or covers?

Car insurance 1st central have two types of car insurance on all of its car insurance regulations, which includes:

Comprehensive  car insurance: “Covers losses incurred by the insured and third parties as a result of a claim involving the policyholders’ vehicle”

Third party, fire and theft: One up from third party only, which 1st Central does not offer, this cover protects against claims from other parties as well as covering losses stemming from fire and theft or attempted theft.

Can car insurance 1st Central offer temporary car insurance?

Car insurance 1st central doesn’t offer short run or temporary car insurance, which is handy for people who don’t have access to a car if their vehicle is in a garage for repairs or they don’t normally drive but need a car for a temporary time.

You can get temporary  or short term car insurance policies with USwitch and

What are the types of 1st central car insurance?

Car insurance 1st central offers four types of insurance coverage, With understandable cover details and ther are:

1. 1st Central Value:  Its a  legal policy covering the cost of repairing the car, spare parts and accessories, legal cover if the policyholder is legally responsible for the death or injury of someone else, a courtesy car, replacement keys and locks.

2. 1st Central Premier: At this point,personal accident and belongings cost is included, as is windscreen cover and legal expenses cover, plus other uninsured losses.1st Central PlusIn addition to the Value policy, this policy comes with breakdown cover.

3. 1st Central Legal: This type of insurance policy,with £500, it cover for legal actions, plus motor prosecution defence cover of £150,000 and access to £15,000 for legal representation if the insured vehicle is seized by the police or another authority.

Car insurance 1st central, address, number, website?

There firm number is  (firm reference number: 483296). (Registered in England and Wales (number: 6489797) at Capital House, 1-5 Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3SY.).

Do I need car insurance 1st central?

1st central is a legal requirement if you own or drive a car, unless you declare it off the road (SORN) and keep it on private property. If you’re caught driving without car insurance, you could be fined a minimum of £300 and given six penalty points.

If you end up in court, you might be given an unlimited fine and disqualified from driving. When you compare with Compare the Market, you can find insurance for every age and type of driver, including:

Car insurance 1st central

  • Young drivers: Insurance for drivers aged 17-24
  • New drivers: Cover for when you’re starting out on the road
  • Learner drivers: You still need cover if you’re driving on a provisional licence
  • Over 50s drivers: Insurance for experienced drivers
  • Disability car insurance: Find the right cover for you and your car.

Now I believe I have provid to you the best guide you need on car insurance 1st central. Always return to our website for more about car insurance companies.

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