Business management, using Sales book


Sales book is one of the things that contributes to a successful business.
Do you always experience lost after you have finished selling a particular product, in your business place or shop, do you lost money Often,then why can’t you use sales book to know how your business goes on daily basis.
Learning professional business tips without sales book, permit me to say this, sorry that business is incomplete,because you won’t actually know if you are rising or falling in that your particular business. Making use of sales book,is the best way to analyse your business account, periodically or twice in a period.

Now for you to run that your own business successful , you need to know  the importance of having credit and debit book in your business place (sales book).

 How to make use of Sales book

In that your business, you might have a different items that you sale in your shop, now every item that is been sold, you need to write down the item,the quantity, and the price of the item. You need to be doing it on every every item that is been sold, then after a year,you have to calculate all the things you have sold so far in your shop, calculate all and bring  down  the total amount of money.Now you need to minus all the estimated cost and  esteemated  expenditure from the Total amount of money you get from the goods and services yearly,then after that you get your total profit amount. Now at this point you will know if your business is growing or is falling with the use of  your sales book.

      Credit book

This is the reason why many  got shot down in there business, because of lack of having credit book in there shop. The reason for having this book is to write down the amount of goods and price, of those that you give your product to sale, without instant payment. Many business people supply goods to there customers without writing it down,now at the end of the day they couldn’t remember how many people or goods they supplied to them.It has caused a lot of problem in business,such as shortage of profit, misunderstanding between them and there customers and other related things.

Business that makes use of sales book will know when the business is rising and when it’s not. Making use of sales book will make your business effective .



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