Blogging with Google,10 tips to blog best


Blogging with Google have to deal with contents writing. Blogging with Google is the act of making money online from Google using your blog site through Google AdSense program.

Blogging with Google has to deal with blog monetisation, creatineg quality and unique content on your blog.

Blogging with Google requirements

There are some important requirements one needs before he or she can start blogging with Google,with this tips, your blog with be effective and user friendly, they are;

5 top tips to blog best with Google sites


1. You need a simple website,that the theme template can easily be Navigate. 


2. Write Unique  content that are not common in Google, always blog your passion.


3. Get a customized blog domain and choose wordpress site, because it has more features than blogger.


4. Learn SEO and content writing tips before you start blogging with Google.


5. Then apply for Google AdSense program after you have made at least 10-15 unique post on your website.

Blogging with Google AdSense program

Many people are blogging with Google AdSense program and those that take it serious are making huge amount of money from it.

How? You need to take your blog serious, take your blog as your business, invest in it do more research on how to make cool money from it.

You can make more $500,000 from blogging with Google in a month if you have the best ideas to excel in this field.

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Best tips to be successful in blogging with Google(secrets tips)

There are important tips and skills one needs to have before he or she can do very well in blogging.With these tips you can do more than someone that had already been in blogging for so many years.

1. Keyword research tips

Keywords research is top secret tips to excel in Google. Not only doing keywords research you have to know the best keywords that will favour you on Google.

There are thousands of keywords that have high searches volume, still if you write on that keyword you will not rank on first page,due to you are not choose the right keywords.

Tips to choose the right keywords

choosing the right keyword is not so hard. All you need to do is to know your domain authority number, with your domain authority number you can know the right keywords you need to choose.

Now for instance if your domain authority is 20,you have to choose  the keywords that the Keywords difficulty (KD) is 20 and below,in other to rank at least in Google first page.

Blogging with Google

If you want to blog with Google sites,make use of this tips and see how effective it will be. Blogging with Google needs only the right information from right source. Our website always provide good quality information for you to excel in your blogging passion.

2. Quality backlink from top website

Another secrets tips I will like to share with you,is to build quality backlink from top website on Google.You can build free and premium quality backlink from top website.

Example of top website to build quality backlink;

There’re top website that there domain authority are almost reaching 90 to 100. This are website that you can build quality backlink from. I might not mention any website here,but I will show you examples on how to get this website on Google search.

Now when you go to Google search box, type “top 10 blogging website” the first 5 website that appears from your search, visit there website and make a comment using your website URL or website name.

N/B: Always search website that relate to your blog niche.

Do it steady and it will increase your backlink and your domain authority number. Make use of this tips and always return to our website for more blogging with Google tips.

Blogging with Google


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