Blogging as a student :4 Best tips to be successful as a beginner


BLOGGING  is one of side hustle that can bring alot of money in your pucket as students, when you read and understand the trick in blogging journey.

There are alot of bloggers  out there. As a student making your own blog is very accessible/simple,but there are blogging tips you need to put  into consideration for you to stand out among others. Remember there are so many blog or website out there so you need to be unique. How to create a blog site within few minutes

Tips to stand out as a beginner in blogging: Students blogging like a professional blogger.

Now this are unique  trick that can make your new website to stand will increase your ranking, your content can easily be indexed on search engines, it will bring unique visitors from different places around the world into your website, which will improve your website domain Authority (DA).

  1.Your blogging niche should be your passion: blogging as a beginner

Blogging niche simply means your blog discribtion. when creating your own blog,choose what you actually like doing,do you like sports, start blogging on sports,do you like fashion,blog on fashion,do you like stories, start posting stories on your website,entertainment, music,teaching, Bible devotion etc.


Blogging what you like doing is amazing because,you already have ideas on that particular thing and also you get passion doing it and it’s your favourite things.How to create a blog site within few minutes



2. keywords research opportunities: blogging as a beginner

Keywords research is how poeple search things on Google. Before making a post on your website, you need to make a research about it first and see how peopeo search the article on google set.  keywords for content writing 2021.


Keywords research opportunities is on of the trick to make your blog page effective by making it to rank high on Google search results. Click the link to see how to use keywords research opportunities which will enable your website to rank effectively on Google search rankings.Best keywords for content writing 2021;


3. Make post constantly : blogging as a beginner

Posting constantly is one of the trick to stand out among other bloggers out there, plus making unique post. Now for instance, when a public bus is on the way moving, suddenly the bus stops on the way, the other bus behind her will overtakes immediately within a seconds. So that’s how blogging works ones you leave your blog, everything about the blog leaves you instantly. Don’t me lazy while you blog.How to become a successful Blogger(A webmaster)


4.  Creating long post and using visual content : blogging as a beginner

Now this should be the last tips on this blog post. This tips will help you and reduce stress of typing everyday after you created your own blog site.

Now before creating a blog site, you should have gotten your niche already (that’s your blog discribtion) now you need to make atleast 10 to 15 post standby about the your blog category or niche that’s post that relate to your your blogging passion.

Now when you done that, it will help you to Post everyday without the stress of typing it again you just copy and paste it on you blog site and it also makes Google to know you’re very serious about your blog site , which makes your website to get adsense approval  from Google.

And secondly adding visual content like photos, videos on your blog pages will increase your SEO ( search engines optimization ) which will improve your ranking on search engines results.

When you follow this trick  from scratch as I directed, you will see an effective results on your website ranking and traffic. Thanks for reading through.

Now your turn hope you find this article helpfu?

Your comments is highly recommended and always reyure to our website for more  blogging tips that will improve your website.




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