Bet Passion Club review: (How To Make Money With Bet Passion Club For Free 2022)


Luckily in this post I’m going to tell you all the important information you need to know before going into BET PASSION CLUB, Such as what is bet passion club,How does it work, when bet passion club was launched etc. Continue in this post to get the right information about BET PASSION CLUB.

What is Bet passion club?

BET PASSION CLUB (BPC) is a Professional football company that offers every member a 5% rise on daily investment and risk-free daily betting game.
BPC is a new branch of sports betting trading platform with 💯 percent guarantee of funds. You can register here

Profits and capital easily pulled out, at ease.🏆


BET passion is a platform that Guarantees you daily Profit.No risk ( 100% win and capital refund incase of any loss of game) with a huge Plan, 5% profit per day of any amount use to place bet.Quick withdrawal and easy to operate, the Minimum invest amount NGN3000 only.

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Bet Passion club review?

Its well known that bet passion club is just a newly launched betting platform that promised to pay 5% of any amount use to bet in there platform without any loose daily.

And since the launched of bet passion club they are fulfilling there 5% profit as they promised.

Bet Passion club was launched early April After the bet investment platform begins to trend in Africa and other part of the world. click to register

IS Bet passion club Legit or Scam?

Honestly Bet passion club has no scam record,though it’s just a new platform and they’re paying there members daily profit of 5%. But always bear in mind that any online investment platform will come and go. Only those that knows it earlier will enjoy it more.

So when investing on bet passion club,Always invest what to can afford to loose. Click to register

Our verdicts

Bet Passion club is a good paying platform right now,you can withdraw your earning at any time of your choice,through bank,usdt,bitcoin etc. So you can easily join and make money like others.

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How does Bet passion club works? (Referal)

Carefully read the following write up to see how the Bet passion foothball club work.

Now in BET PASSION CLUB when you top up:

🔱Top-up 3,000 NGN, upline 300 NGN and downline 500 NGN bonus.
🔱Top-up 10,000 NGN, Bonus 1000 NGN upline and 1,500 NGN Downline.
🔱 Top-up 30,000 NGN, upline 2000 NGN and the Downline 3000NGN.
🔱Top-up 50,000 NGN, bonus Upline 4000 NGN and downline 6,000 NGN.
🔱Top-up 100,000 NGN, Bonus upline 15,000 NGN and Downline 25,000NGN.
🔱Top up 500,000 NGN, Bonus upline 30,000 NGN and 50,000NGN for downline.
🔱Top-up, 1,000,000NGN, Bonus upline 60,000NGN and Downline 100,000NGN.

NOTE 👂The bonus amount is only withdrawn after placing bet.👌


💎 Invite 6 members to get 10,000 NGN

💎 Invite 25 members to get 40,000 NGN

💎 Invite 50 members to get 90,000

💎 Invite 100 members to receive 200,000 NGN


🔱 First generation 10% of the profit of direct Downline per game

🔱Second generation 7% of their profit per game

🔱Third generation 5% of their profit

🔱Fourth generation 3% of their profit.


Workers salary paid monthly
(Only to those who accumulates)

🥅 Agent accumulates 30 active members Bonus 40.000
🥅 Agent accumulates 60 active members Bonus 80.000
🥅 Agent accumulates 240 active members Bonus 320.000
🥅 Agent accumulates 500 active members Bonus 640.000
🥅 Agent accumulates 1000 active members Bonus 1.280.000


how to get referal code on bet passion club

✅Click on the 3 symbols at the top right corner
✅Then click on affiliate page and click promotion code.
Start sending the link out, if you are interested in referal.

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