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Looking for best muscle food that can develop and make your muscles strong? Here I will list out best muscle food for you and your pet(Dog). After making use of this food,you will see that it’s very effective with the space of one month. Continue to read to unveil tips to get huge muscles.


Muscle food recipe tips

Building muscles requires mostly two classes of food, which is protein and carbohydrates plus exercise. Remember is not all proteinuria food or carbohydrates food,so continue to read to see best list of  muscle building food recipe.

List of best muscle food recipe UK



Greek yogurt is source of vitamin D, it helps your body to absorb calcium and phosphorus, calcium concentration is mostly on the muscle,it helps your muscles to grow and to be strong.


Calcium and phosphorus work together,when this two elements combine,it will leads to building of muscle around your body. So the consumption of Greek yogurt can help your muscles to grow effectively.



Chicken breast have a massive protein,with vitamin c. It contains a high quality of vitamin b, which will play a crucial role when you’re active in exercise.


This vitamin help your body to function very well, when you’re excercising, which helps your body to gain muscle around your body.


According to recent research,lean beef is made up of high quality protein, vitamin, mineral and creatine. Consumption of lean red meat will increase  amount of lean mass weight and improve training.


Soyabean are good source of vitamin k,with iron and phosphorus.Which helps to move oxygen in your  blood and your muscles and deficiency can impair this function.

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 Numerous species of beans contain nutrition that can grow muscles. Beans such as black, Pinto and kidney beans contain about 15gram per cup.

Beans also contains fiber and vitamin B,high in phosphorus and iron. So beans is an amazing protein food which I will recommend in your diet.It really helps in development of you and your pet muscle.

Muscle food


This are top 5 working food that gain muscle try it and see how effective this food is. Always remember to be active in excercise,in other to see best results of muscle food.

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