5 Best Health Insurance Companies for Pre-Existing Conditions in the U.K.

If you have an existing medical condition, finding health insurance that covers it can be tough, especially if you live in the U.K., where there’s no public option like Medicare in the United States.

It’s important to find an affordable plan that covers your healthcare needs, so use this guide to help you figure out which of the top five health insurance companies in the U.K. will work best for you and your pre-existing condition!

5 Best Health Insurance Companies for Pre-Existing Conditions in the U.K:

If you’re looking for the best health insurance with the best low cost and quality coverage, here is the lop list of health insurance with a pre-existing condition in the UK…

1) Bupa

Bupa’s vision is to help people live healthy, longer lives. In the UK, Bupa offers a range of health insurance products and services to millions of customers each year and provides customer care through its network of 12,000 independent associates and more than 13,000 employees nationwide. It also operates internationally in Asia, Australia, Canada and South Africa. It has been named one of Britain’s best employers by The Sunday Times every year since 2010.

2) AXA PPP Healthcare

This company is designed to provide you with an insurance policy that matches your personal needs and circumstances, including pre-existing conditions. Although it’s possible to get health insurance if you have a pre-existing condition, many providers will not offer cover for these conditions or may charge you higher premiums – some will not even consider applications from people with pre-existing conditions altogether.

3) VitalityHealth

VitalityHealth provides health insurance coverage in addition to healthcare and prevention programs, which help members stay fit and healthy. VitalityHealth also works to find ways to lower healthcare costs while providing quality care.

The company offers a variety of plans, including maternity care and pet coverage, so that clients have many options to choose from depending on their needs. With its excellent record of helping members keep their health problems under control, VitalityHealth is one of our top picks for those who want pre-existing condition coverage.

4) PruHealth

This UK health insurance company  has a strong history of working with people who have pre-existing conditions or life events that affect their health and need to be covered under a medical insurance policy. If you’re looking for protection against high medical costs, PruHealth could be a good option as they offer cost-effective, quality policies.

This can help people achieve peace of mind so they can focus on getting well again without having to worry about finances.

5) Simplyhealth

Simplyhealth offers a pre-existing condition waiver, meaning they will cover any conditions you may have had before joining their health insurance program. Simplyhealth is one of the largest health insurance providers in Britain, but with that comes an extremely high price.

Simplyhealth is so expensive that it has been called the Rolls Royce of health insurance by many Brits. If you are interested in getting coverage from Simplyhealth, it’s worth doing some research to see if there are other options available to you at a lower cost.

Can I get private health insurance with a pre-existing condition?

Yes, if you have pre-existing medical circumstancesces, you can still receive private health insurance. Bear in mind that most operations prohibit when they can pay to care for pre-existing situations. So you can get private health insurance with pre-existing conditions in all the health insurance companies mention in this post. Make your choice and enjoy their best insurance coverage.

What pre-existing conditions are not covered?

Health insurers can no longer charge more or deny coverage to you or your child because of a pre-existing health condition like asthma, diabetes, or cancer, as well as pregnancy. They cannot limit benefits for that condition either.


If you have a pre-existing condition, your choices for health insurance are limited. One important factor to keep in mind is that insurers can’t drop you if you get sick (although they may refuse to cover certain conditions). The best thing you can do is shop around and compare plans from a variety of carriers, keeping both cost and coverage options in mind.

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