Best free Business WhatsApps for Android & iPhone 6-13


Business WhatsApp messenger is best WhatsApp for a your business. Business WhatsApp has alot of amazing features which can help you to easily make use of the business WhatsApp.

There’re a lot of quality features you can could find why using business WhatsApp, which many people doesn’t know about. So continue to read to see best features you can find on your business WhatsApp after you have downloaded it.

Tips to download business WhatsApp Tv on store

For you to download business whatsapp with your smartphone,you need to have playstore or AppStore. Playstore is for Android users,why App store is for iPhone users.

When you open it,type business WhatsApp on the search box of the store you entered it will appear on the store,then you can click on download or get,it will start downloading.

N/B: Before you start visiting the appstore or playstore, first link your valid email address on the store,so you can have access to download any app from it.

Business WhatsApp tools,GB and messenger

After you have get the business WhatsApp, register an acccount using your business number. Make an important settings on it depending the kind of business you want to do with it. Settings like Label, business name, colored, quick replies, greeting massage, away reply etc. This are important features you can use to make your business look unique and special to your customers.

Quick replies is one of the best tools to make your customers to know that you’re always active in your business both online and offline.

Why do people like business whatsapp account?

Millions of people are now rushing into business account, because of the amazing features in the business WhatsApp. People are now going for business WhatsApp because of there Businesses, serving there customers through status, Label, colored, quick replies, greetings etc.

With business you can create your credentials, such as your business address, business name, website, business hours, business description etc. This is most likely important reason why a lot of people prefer to use business WhatsApp to ordinary WhatsApp.

Business WhatsApp

Tips for business WhatsApp users

When looking for best WhatsApp to grow your business,I recommend business WhatsApp you,for best amazing features.

Business WhatsApp doesn’t expire on time,you can connect with many customers at the same time with help I quick replies and greetings massage.

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