AudioControl DM-608 6 by 8 Channel Matrix Digital Signal Processor- U.K,U.S REVIEW


BRAND: Audio control

MANUFACTURERS: Audio control

PRODUCTS DIMENSION: 2.9.×9.02×12.01

WEIGHT: 3.16 pounds



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The  Audio control digital PROCESSOR rank on the best selling Processor. The processor has a good quality products dimension,the weight is very good,the audio control brand did an amazing work on this CPU.

If you’re looking for best signal processor,then the audio control brand Processor is our top picks signal Processor that can give you all the  features you need in a good PROCESSOR .

One of the best features which you can not find in the AMD RYZEN processor is the wireless connection Features and the streaming quality.

Pros cons
Best fast signal processor power consumption


The audio control Processor work perfectly in computer,the CPU socket is amazing and the speed, which makes your editing work so easy. If you’re type that edit music,then this audio Processor is recommended.

The audio control Processor full Features and details explained


This is a very nice piece for setting up your system . Installation is rather simple and the availability of jumpers beneficial when integrating into a more complex system . The software is very user-friendly if you understand the basics of tuning an audio system, however I did find it surprising that the 30 band equalizers or not independent for left and right but for front and rear. I personally have a preference for the original audio control eqt manual equalizers but this piece will provide sufficient capability .


The time alignment functions more beneficial when integrating with my Acura audio system . When level matching the game I had a lot of issues with noise being introduced although this is probably attributed to the factory amplifier it was still a quite challenging issue to eliminate with this piece . Audio control staff we’re very knowledgeable and remoted into my system to ensure settings were appropriate the noise issues . The only issue that I had with this piece the connection port for the PC would seem to work intermittently . Overall believe this is a good piece of equipment optimizing your system however I am anxiously awaiting Bluetooth option along with an Android application which eliminate the action pour issues and the need for a laptop.


What I like about this is that it gives you full control of your audio system. What are the dislike? None that I have found so far.

if you love love music you need one of these….but if your not in too installing your own sound have a local shop do the work.

Our verdict

The audio control brand Processor is the best Processor you Will ever own in technology space It has a good signal, weight,and product dimension. After purchasing it today you will see the difference between the audio control Processor and others.


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