Apps to change voice, number: best 5 Google Voice call


Apps to change voice during whatsapp call with your foriengn number. Voice changer app is one of the best format to make your online hustle to be 💯% legit, without your client suspecting you,base on your voice.It’s also known as Google Voice

So guys with this apps you can call your client whatapp call freely,without any para or fear.

It’s very sweet to know tools that works very perfect when boobling online. As we know that not all G got foriengn intonation so that’s why I decided to make this post so you can know best apps for voice changing during whatapp call with your client,in other to cash out so fast.💯💰

Apps to change voice for online calling and bombing

Make sure you use this app I will mention here,because  they are very legit when using it to make calls. It changes your voice completely and make your voice sounds like confirm foriengner.

1. Voice FX App 

This is one of the strongest app to change voice during whatsapp call. Voice fx has very confirm features, like giving you very legit Voice,it doesn’t require VPN, it doesn’t eat much data it’s very simple and legit app for WhatsApp calls. You can download it by clicking here.

2. Voice changer plus

This app is confirmed,it has almost 10 different types of Voices both male and female voice changer. This is one of the apps real guys use it has free and premium membership. But the free one Also work perfectly without any issues.

Most of my guys use this voice changer plus and it works perfectly when using it. Give it a trail when you cash out I will drop Aza 💯😎.

3. INT voice changer app

This one is well known many people use it for voice changer. You can also know the app if you use Google Voice for bombing.

INT voice changer can make your voice to be even romantic to the extent your client will fall in love with you. You can use it without any VPN.

4. Funcall voice changer app 

Very very legit app for voice changer. It also record any thing you and your client speak during whatsapp call. Funcall voice changer app is very simple to use, it’s one of the simplest voice changer app I Ever see. You can download it on play store now and start using it immediately.


5. Allogag voice changer app 

Allogag app is very nice and simple to use also,it has daily times duration,but you can change it in the app settings to unlimited.

I have tested almost all this voice changer app that’s why I decided to make post on it so when choosing voice app you will know the confirm app to choose to voice changer.

You can easily go to play store and download any of this app and start using them for calls.

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Effective best apps to change number to Arizona


1. Text me app 

Text me app is very simple app to change your  WhatsApps to foreign number depending the country you wish to change it to. It mostly work in u.s numbers.

All you need to do is download the app create account on it, this app need VPN,you can use speed VPN for the app.

The app can last highest 6 months, when the app expires,you can install it and uninstall it then use another email address and details to open new one and content it will start working again.

2. Voxox app 

Voxox is mostly used by business owners and entrepreneurs. With Voxox, you don’t need a SIM card or Nigeria number to generate a US number, it is a cloud-based program that generates numbers after registration and subscription.

How To Use Voxox App To Convert Nigeria  Number To United States Number

  • Go to play store and download Voxox App
  • Launch the App and register with your information
  • Convert your Nigerian number to USA number

 3. Textplus app

Textplus is another cool App to convert a Nigerian phone number to a United States number. Although this app is not easily accessible by Nigerians, you can always use a VPN connection to make things work effectively for you.

The USA phone number can be used to perform all the activities a normal Nigerian phone number can do. In addition, the USA number issued to you via TextPlus can permanently be yours only if you can pay for a premium package. The best thing about this system is that you can share your number with other people in your business.

Apps to change voice



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