Apple 32-inch Pro Display XDR with Retina 6K Display -U.K,U.S review


SCREEN SIZE: 32-inches

BRAND: Apple





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Apple brand TV came out with a good quality TV. The TV resolution is 6k which means that it’s a fantastic TV with amazing features. It Apple brand TV refresh rate is 60, Contrast ratio is superb,the apple TV has the best picture Display and brightness.

“Though the TV price is not cheap but everything about the Apple TV worth it”.

This is the best TV that can satisfy your individual needs as the TV is supported on internet service such as Bluetooth, WiFi, USB and also you can easily stream on Spotify, Netflix, Hulus, YouTube, Amazon, Google play etc.

Reason to buy Reason not to buy
Best TV display, contrast ratio and resolution The price is not low

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“The Apple TV work so fast and easy when gaming on the the TV,as it will give you the best experience of gaming and new skills why using it.”

Apple TV features and review






The TV Mac book Pro, monitor, Display, resolution, smart features,and price list is what made the apple TV brand so unique unlike the TCL QLED TV


It’s pretty expensive but there’s nothing else in the market anywhere close to this price which is reference calibrated, supports 6K resolution, DisplayHDR 1600 and can also connect to and charge a MacBook Pro using a single cable.

Big fan of this display paired with the Pro Display Stand. Works well with both my 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro (though not generating 6K resolution due to compatibility) and 2018 15-inch pro that does push out 6K resolution.


I bit the bullet and bought this because it has the best single monitor resolution available and I have a Mac Pro 2019 I use for music production to use with it. I strongly prefer a single monitor setup as I find second monitors distracting and less ergonomic. The huge screen real estate for my DAW is wonderful, the colors and blacks are vivid, no ugly glow like with an IPS panel. I used an inexpensive monitor arm which has been perfect and have had no heat issues. The monitor arm frees space for outboard audio equipment. I was also pleasantly surprised to have no issues whatsoever in bootcamp.


Besides the price, super impressed with this monitor. I’ve looked at both Standard Glass and Nanotexure and Standard Glass is *much* sharper for text and everyday use. With nanotexture text looks a bit fuzzy and white background feels slightly sandy, so in my opinion it would be a downgrade – don’t get nanotexture unless you are really bothered by the reflections! Standard Glass is sharp and flawless, much like a screen on Macbook Pro or an iPhone.

I use this monitor with 2019 MacBook Pro running Windows through Bootcamp. Was worried about adjusting brightness in Windows, but in fact Bootcamp provides a Display brightness slider. If you enable HDR, you’ll have to adjust this through Windows HD Color Settings -> HDR/SDR brightness balance. HDR videos on YouTube look incredible, as you can see sunlight, reflections and colors vividly like never before on a regular monitor.

Monitor comes with soft high quality power + thunderbolt cables, which charges MacBook Pro while in use, which is a nice benefit.


BUT… it was worth it. I paid the 5k for the screen and when I realized it didn’t even come with a stand, I used the rest of the money I got from a previous transaction, to hire someone to hold the screen for me while I use it! Without a doubt this is the best purchase I have made. Apparently there are more pixels in this screen than stars in the universe. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. My neighbors all want to come look at the screen but when Craig, the guy that holds the screen up, gets tired, I have to kick everyone out so he can rest his arms.
Plus I called Apple and they said that if the screen gets dropped, due to the lack of a stand, I would be able to repurpose the screen as a paperweight! Truly the gift that keeps on giving.


Love this display! – just get it
Big fan of this display paired with the Pro Display Stand. Works well with both my 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro (though not generating 6K resolution due to compatibility) and 2018 15-inch pro that does push out 6K resolution.

Bottom line

The Apple brand TV is fantastic and with alot of amazing features. Going for it would be great as it will satisfy your individual needs and also you will enjoy the lattest viewing Technology of the TV brand.

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