AMD YD297XAZAFWOF Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX 24 Core, 48 Thread Processor-U.K,U.S REVIEW




CPU MODEL: RYZEN Threadripper 2970WX





The AMD RYZEN PROCESSOR is one of the best Processor now in the market that can satisfy your individual needs. The AMD PROCESSOR  works very fast and it’s reliable when editing videos, gaming etc.

When looking for a PROCESSOR that have good Quality editing features,then the AMD RYZEN PROCESSOR would be the best PROCESSOR that you can enjoy the best  using experience.One of the amazing features on this PROCESSOR, that you cannot find on the  CUK Intel core i9 Processor (computer upgrade king). Is the processor’s weight,product dimension  and the AMD POWER rate is perfect, this features enables you to use the processor easily.

Going for the AMD RYZEN PROCESSOR would be a good move, as the processor has a good pricing and it definitely worth it.

Reason to buy Reason not to buy
It’s a reliable Processor power consumption
It works so fast when using to work.(good speed rate) CPU cooler not included


The AMD RYZEN PROCESSOR works very fast,if you’re a game lover or video editor,then the AMD PROCESSOR can give you all the best features that can make your work so fast and easy.

The AMD RYZEN PROCESSOR Features explained:


Asus Prime X399-A motherboard that I had originally put an AMD Gen 1 Threadripper in. I found out that Windows 11 will not run on a Gen 1 AMD threadripper (and I did not want to mess with any workarounds someone smarter than me came up with!). I had all the other necessary hardware so I decided to upgrade the processor to the Gen 2 Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX.

The Ryzen processor offers cheapest price so I went for it. Swapping out the processors is super simple and went smoothly. I hit the power button, waited for the BIOS to get it’s act together, and Windows 10 loaded!

I did check out the BIOS and make sure all the settings looked good. Turned on TPM and basically left all the other settings alone as the BIOS had correctly identified the new processor. I don’t overclock – although initially when I built it I did but I just went with defaults after I managed to push it and crash it a few times. I mainly use this computer for video work in HD and 4K. Rendering and exports are fast on this!.


This chip is an awesome upgrade at the price. Installation was easy, although care is required in order to not damage the components. In all the benchmarks I’ve run, it performed perfectly. Proper cooling is a must.

Helpfulbuilt this in a MATX case with my MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2080 Super 8GB GDRR6.

It runs quite and quick. It is funny seeing people trying to sell this card used on Amazon for over twice what I paid when it was new. Helpful.


RYZEN AMD is always punctual in delivery. Excellent packaging. Easy to install on board with TR4 connection. The 24 cores / 48 threads make it very powerful and suitable for any type of workstation. AMD is a revelation!

It was easy to install with fan, etc. Great product for very affordable price. Highly recommend to everyone!!

Bottom line

The AMD RYZEN PROCESSOR has a good quality,the best cheapest Processor ever. They built it in a way everyone will enjoy there updated Technology features. If you’re a game lover this would be your best Processor ever as the lattest update from AMD RYZEN PROCESSOR is something that you can never se in other Processor in the market. Get it on Amazon and enjoy the best features of the AMD PROCESSOR.


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