AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-core, 24-thread unlocked desktop processor -U.K,U.S REVIEW








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The AMD RYZEN PROCESSOR came out with a good performance of CPU socket RYZEN 9 3900X, SPEED : 4.6GHz, Quality weight and product dimension which you can not find on the Intel core i9 Processor

The AMD rank top 100 best selling Processor in the market right now because it has a great features and makes your editing work faster than any other Processor.

The CPU socket is something that’s great and unique, which can provide all the individual needs and when using the AMD RYZEN processor,you will be able to learn more skills on how to edit your work easily.

Pros cons
Best CPU socket and speed it’s Compatible in some countries.


If you’re a game lover like me,then this would be  the best recommended Processor for gamers as you will learn new gaming skill and gaming experience buy now and enjoy the best features ever.

The AMD RYZEN processor full Features and details reviewed


Phenomenal CPU, absolutely crushes Intel’s 9900k (which is roughly the same price) at most tasks. Intel does have a slightly higher base clock speed so it has a slight edge on single core benchmarks – though this 3900x has plenty of room for overclocking and exceeds the Intel at single core tasks for the same clock speed.

The extra cores and threads on this CPU set it above the rest for real-world tests and multicore benchmarks. Excellent CPU for streaming, gaming, video editing/rendering, and just about anything else.

The only reason not to buy this is if you are going to wait for the 3950x in September, which has 2 more cores and 4 more threads for $250 more.

“I highly recommend this CPU, and also suggest pairing it with one of the new x570 motherboards – I have the ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero myself and love it.”

Update: Cable management is important of course. CPU cooler that ships with this CPU is solid, haven’t had any issues so far.


Fantastic for 4K video editing PC

12 cores, 24 threads. Adobe Premiere loves it! I get near real-time max-quality rendering of 4K30 video with moderate amount of overlays, effects, and transitions in Premiere. CPU is more important than GPU in this case, and I am glad I can give it 12 cores to work on that. I have yet to test it with 4K60 video, but I imagine it will be twice as long. In either case, much MUCH faster than I’m used to in any video rendering scenario I’ve seen.”

“When used with Folding@home, I can get through a CPU work unit in 25 minutes. Pretty darn good for early 2020.”

Included air-cooler is flashy with RGB, and very cool. I liked it so much I returned the AIO water cooler I got. Slightly overclocked to 4GHz. While doing both CPU and GPU folding@home running full power, 100% CPU usage (and 100% GPU usage contributing to the case’s internal air heat), the included fan was able to keep the CPU stable at around 83°C (limit where it starts throttling is 95°C).


Looks freakin gorgeous. But man is it a wind turbine. I previously had the stock cooler from my Ry2700 and it was so much quieter and maintained an idle around 30c, a little over 60c while doing hard gaming relying on it (VR/2k/4k paired with a 1080ti). THIS SUCKER IDLES just under 60c. I worried I did the thermal paste wrong. Online said these temps were normal for this cpu.

So since it runs so hot, and the fan is so much louder. It’s wasted money, and even more money to improve the issue. There should be a heatsinkless option. I mean I can hear it running from the bedroom while it idles on the desktop. It’s as loud as the fan on my resin printer 5 feet away, 2 past the pc case. Now it DOES HAVE a high and low switch. I put it on high, because why cap it’s fan speed? If I want to limit it’s speed, I can do that through the software. But considering it idles at or under 60c… Why would I ever want to turn down the fan speed.

Our verdict

The AMD RYZEN processor have a great features,the processor speed is awesome, which makes your work accessible. Going for it would be fantastic choice as it will satisfy your individual needs. After purchasing this PROCESSORS,you will not go for any other Processor than the AMD RYZEN processor, best Technology recent.


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