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COTP is a blockchain OTC and cryptocurrency exchange platform, It is currently the world’s largest OTC EXCHANGE.

What is digital currency?

DIGITAL CURRENCY is an alternative currency in the form of electronic money. Also known as cryptocurrency. In theory, bureaucratic approval is avoided. For example, Bitcoin, Litecoin and USDT rely on checksum cryptography to create, issue and circulate electronic money. It is characterized by the use of P2P peer-to-peer network technology to issue and manage currency in circulation.

What is OTC platform?

OTC is the abbreviation of Over-the-Counter. To put it more simply, the service provided by OTC is similar to the cryptocurrency eBay.
Using the xxxx platform, individuals from different countries can directly complete cryptocurrency transactions. Buyers can choose suitable sellers to complete transactions directly online according to their needs. As a supervisor between traders, xxxx uses strict KYC procedures and a fair scoring system to ensure a safe and convenient trading environment.

Why use USDT as a payment currency?

USDT is a decentralized digital currency linked to the U.S. dollar. USDT strictly abides by the 1:1 reserve guarantee, that is, every USDT is endorsed by one U.S. dollar fund, so it creates the stability of USDT relative to other digital currencies, and it has also become a digital currency. Anchor currency.
For instance, if you are familiar with Binance P2P Trading Platform.
The merchants have placed different prices for USDT. So the buyer has to search for low price and buy it.

When you move to selling section, merchants have different prices also– the seller will search for high price and sell.

On COTP , the high frequency trading Technology matches “buy low” with “sell high”.

The system therefore initiate “buying”…..
in order not to be completely automated.
The trader has to take part in the section of “selling” and “confirming”.

Now, when the trader order to “sell” it’s not automatic, but the BLOCKCHAIN system and it principles verifies buyer, seller and profit distribution within 2 hour intervals.
At this period the capital float for final confirmation to happen. After all these, the capital plus interest return to the wallet balance for withdrawal.

COTP uses “Over The Counter” (OTC) style of trading. OTC simply means trading between different exchanges or different wallet companies.


Let’s say you’re selling a product which goes for $5 per unit in your city/country but in other cities/countries, the same product you’re selling is going for $6 and people are willing to buy it.What will you do? Now…if you would sell your products to buyers in these other countries/Cities, you’re going to make a profit of $1 on each item sold.

Cotp platform review, how COTP works?

The cryptocurrency we sell on the platform is USDT . COTP has an Artificial Intelligence system which scans the international markets to identify buyers in other countries whose bid price for USDT is higher. COTP then sells our USDT to these buyers at a higher price and buys back the USDT at a lower/standard price and sends our capital and proportion of our profits back to us within 2hrs.

Another example,

Market price = 20usdt

Transaction price= 25usdt

Difference= 25-20= 5usdt
The company share this profit with the P2P trader and retailers as well as referral commission.

Thousands of transaction happens with a minute so you can imagine the profit !

Profitability Principles
You need to trade every 2 hour intervals (12 rounds) to earn your maximum daily profit.

1 . You can double your capital in 22-30days depending on your TRADING CAPACITY.

For instance, 1000usdt can give you another 1000usdt within 22-30days. Making 2000usdt.

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