platform review: how to login, signup, legit or scam, and withdrawal

Ai777robert.XYZ platform is one of the online investment platforms that works or you earn according to the money you invest in the platform. They have a minimum deposit of #5,000.  Luckily in this post, we have reviewed and highlighted all the necessary information you need to know about the ai777robert.XYZ website, such as is it legit or a scam, how to sign up and log in, and how to earn extra cash through their affiliate program.

More so our experts also reviewed the platform’s source of income, when the platform was launched, the hand behind the ai777robert.XYZ. so read on to find out more about the platform before you can invest in it or not. Is ai777legit or a  scam?

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Is Ai777robert.XYZ Legit or Scam (Review)

Ai777robert is an investment platform that works by investing in the website. You earn your Rio daily depending on the amount you invest. They have a minimum investment of #5,000 and a maximum investment of #200,000.  In ai777, you earn according to the money you invested.

After our expert reviewed the platform, there’s no scam record found. They are fulfilling their promises. We always advise our website users to invest what they can afford to risk when it comes to online investment.

Ai777 platform review
Ai777 platform review

Ai777robert.XYZ investment package

Vip 1

5k= 300 daily
8k = 480 daily
9k = 540 daily


10k = 900daily
12k = 1,080 daily
15k = 1,350 daily
18k = 1,620 daily
20k. = 1,800. Daily
30k = 2,700 Daily
50k = 4,500 Daily
70k. = 6,300. Daily
90k = 8,100. Daily


100k 12k daily
130k 15,600 daily
150k = 18,000 daily
200k. = 24,000 daily

Ai777 login, signup and withdrawal

To sign up on the platform, visit their website on ai777ribert.XYZ and register using your details. After you have signed up, you log in using your details.

The withdrawal minimum is #5,000 which I mentioned earlier in the post. When you reach the threshold, you can withdraw your money and withdrawal stays 24hrs.

When was Ai777 launched?

Ai777  is a new website launched this year, the website trust is 10/100%. Before becoming a member always know it’s just an online investment platform, nothing is assured.

How did ai777 make money?

There is no place they generate income for now.  Though it’s just a new website, we are watching what they are up to. Sorer, the platform did not mention the owner of the website.

Ai777 referral program tips

Forming a team to develop subordinates will receive huge commission bonuses

Note: Subordinates must recharge to do tasks to be valid members

The team is divided into three positions. You will be automatically promoted if you meet the assessment criteria

Team leader:

The number of effective subordinates to form a team reaches 15. Get 10% of the team’s total rake


The number of effective subordinates to form a team reaches 30. Get 20% of the team’s total rake


The number of effective subordinates to form a team reaches 50. Get 30% of the team’s total rake

The more people invited the more rewards. Wait until the number of your invites reaches the test
The standard of the platform exec, you will get the exec of the individual city in Nigeria
The annual salary of 10 million nairas, with the independent office. Equipped with a car.


Ai777robert.XYZ is an investment platform that works by the money you invested. Our website just reviews the site the those that are interested to know. Note any lost bear on the website, our website won’t be responsible for it. It’s also covered on our terms and conditions.

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