A good way to monetize and make profit from professional Blogging website

A good way to monetize and make profit from professional Blogging

A good way to monetize and make profit from professional Blogging

In early years, between 1994 to 1999, the idea of creating a personal blogsite was initiated, from a student of Swarthmore college and he named it links.net as his personal blogsite,so since then,many blogsite started increasing most especially political blogsite and many more.
The idea of making money from a website began with Google AdSense. In 2003, AdSense program was lunch, and many blogsite was making money from blogging. Though the money which was made from the Google ads, is not that much because they pay according to traffic a blogsite got,it really affects some personal blogsite during the period,because of low traffic.

After AdSense program was lunch, Many other platform was lunch as well, which one could use to monetize their website.

A good way to monetize a website

AdSense program


This is Google’s business, they work or run it by giving a website that’s eligible to their program,some text, photos, videos etc. So that the owner of the website Will earn,once a visitor of the website click on any of the photo, video,text or by giving the blogsite a good impression.

Types of ads

AdS can be in different ways, Google ads can be in content ,it can be in photos, it can be in videos ,it can be in search and many more.

Content ads:  They are normally ads that display in test , which works either by CPC or CMP

Different between CPC and CPm

Cost per click (CPC)

when we talk of cost per click, this are type of ads which one earns from any click that’s perform on any ads on your blogsite, it’s also Known as cost per click (CPC).

Cost per thousand impression(CPM)

This type of ads that includes all. It involves cost per click( CPC), cost per thousand impression (CPM). which means three things are involve which is click, impression, number of clicks and impressions,so before you earn from this type of ads, it will be determined by number of a blogsite traffic, because it will be the number  the visitors will tells the amount of impression and click your blogsite will have.

Video ads:  This are normally video hosting blogsite,you can get it from ads placement from Google ads extension. A webmaster or publishers can decide what type of video they want to add as ads placement on their blog.

Search ads:  It involves searching,most especially content or articles that are related to your website.This search ads is also known as cost per click advertising (CPC) or pay per click advertising (PPC).

Sponsored post program

Which is also know as promoted post, it’s one of good ways which a blogsite can be monetize.
Sponsored post /promoted post,it’s done by paying a website to place
a particular product brand link on their website in order to drive much traffic to the main page of the brand. Sponsored post can be on different ways, we have Facebook sponsored post, we have Instagram sponsored post or influencer marketer, we have Twitter sponsored. All this communities are made for a respective objectives.

Facebook sponsored post or Facebook ads:

This are mostly done by creating a Facebook fan page or group for business, you can help a brand to sell their product in the group or fan page and it’s done by promoting the page,so that it can reach more people around your country depending where you targeted,by helping people to promote their product on your Facebook blog Page ,now it’s know as Facebook sponsored post or Facebook ads.

Instagram sponsored post or influencer marketer

This is the act of placing your product on a well recognize on Instagram page, it’s mostly done by celebrities,or a famous Instagram page, those popular pages take some cash, before publishing it on their Instagram pages,that’s the reason why many people promotes their Instagram account, it’s mostly because of Instagram ads,they use it to make cash by promoting other brands on their Instagram blog page.

Twitter sponsored post

They’re mostly done by videos ads,for instance when you login on Twitter, there are some retweeted auto play videos that normally shows on Twitter,most of them are Twitter ads, it’s done by tweeted or retweeted on Twitter page.

A webanner or bannner ad program

This ads contains images, they are not test ads or video ads,the purpose of this Ad is to drive maximum traffic to a brand that has the banner. This webanner are purposely made, which I will like to tell you some purpose of creating banner ad.

Purpose of creating banner ad


The main goal of creating a webanner is to make your brand to be well recognize. When your website banner is linked to three or four blogsite that has more traffic,at the end of it,it will definitely reach more people around the world and increases your website traffic to the extent.

Sense of attraction

when you visit a website, seeing a banner at the top of the site, you will like to know more about the banner ad by clicking on it,then it will redirect you to the real brand of site that has it, this is how is creating attention to the people.

For more sales


Most of the site that you see their banner ad on other website are mostly for business,they place it to increase their online sales. It’s very important to place a banner that will lead to the main description of the banner,to avoid directing to another website that doesn’t discribe the banner ad.
This banner ads can be in different ways,it can be in Animated, it can be in flash,it can also be in static.

Animated ads

They are creative and interested ads, which contains a short video. The users of animated ads always showing the best part of there brand or business,like the most interested side of the product so that it will bring more people closer to their business.And this animated ads is know as animated GiF.

Static ads

This ad contains music, video, photos, they are interactive ads and this type of ad don’t change often.

Flash ad

They are banner ads,it involves sound and video, for instance Adobe flash,they are technically built-up.

Cost per action program

This is one the most good way to monetize a blogsite, cost per action program. As the sounds,cost per action, it involves any action you make on a website,the owner of the website will earn money from that actions you just performed on the site. For example filling of form, registration, login, subscription, or even follow,any of this action you made on pay per click website, the owner of the site will surely earn from it.


Info link is also an easy way to monetize a site. To set up with it,you  just need a simple code, placed  it on your website and ads will automatically show up on your website, but before you start using this site ad, you should know that your website need to have a good amount of traffic before you can earn, you actually need to get your traffic from countries like u,k, u.s, India, Spain, Germany, Australia and Canada before you could earn a high CPM on the info link,it requires a huge amount of traffic,before you earn enough money from the site.

One can easily get paid by info link with these payments method because, it is very easy to get paid from. Here are the method;

Western union which is $15 minimum,Bank wire transfer,which is $25 and 2% to get your payment via your local currency,Paypal, U.s residents are  $1 and anyone else is 2% up to $10,E-check,which is  $6 + 2% for currency conversion,ACH and Payoneer,No payment fee, Info link site is very simple to register on there program, if you want to register on infolink,you can easily visit www.infolink.com and get registered.


is one of the interesting ad to use, it’s a contextual ad network, meaning that they show their ads according to the content of the page. Now you have for instance if my your post is about automobile or you are reading about automobile,you only see ads that relate to cars, media.net will place ads to your readers about automobile or if your content is about phone accessories, media.net will show ads that relates to all kinds of phone,like Apple phones, tablet, Android and many more to your viewers. This media.net is actually powered by yahoo and bing, they are the two site that approve media.net. this are many ways,which one could monetize his or her website for a good profit. You don’t need to only wait for Google AdSense, with this strategies mentioned above, you can you it and make a good profit from your blog, depending the blogsite your are managing for your self.

Now your turn,did you found any word so complicated to understand, what’s your view on this article,our site comments box is open for everyone,drop your queries, we will reply to it as soon as possible. Always come back to our site for more good update.



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