Oppo’s next foldable phone will have a rollable OLED display.


As Foldable phone is one of the latest smartphone on ground,now oppo has a great new idea of  launching their new rollable smartphone which has a lot of great features, that one can enjoy while using their rollable phone.
Though we have seen a product that is similar to it fromom many companies like LCL.

But Other features of the Oppo X 2021 include a back that’s designed to look similar whether the display is rolled or unrolled, so unrolling the screen doesn’t open up structural issue or make the phone look bad.

Oppo unveiled the X 2021 rollable smartphone alongside its second-gen pair of AR glasses – also China-only – as well as some new tools for developers to improve their AR, as stated, this is a concept phone, so it likely won’t go on sale – and even if it does it’ll likely be China-exclusive, as that’s where Oppo is based and the company often sells tech there that doesn’t make it Global.


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