(5+) | best steps on how to start a Facebook business in Pakistan with your smartphone


Looking how to run Facebook business in Pakistan? Follow my easy steps to see how to run Facebook business with your smartphone. Facebook business is one of the best way to make huge money online from home and it’s effective.

What is Facebook business in Pakistan?

A Facebook business page is a free web page that companies can build on Facebook to expand their internet presence. Facebook business is the best platform to make your brand to be visible to the audience.5+ Top best website that help you list your business in China: business citation

Facebook business can be in many ways, which I will like to discuss with you so that you can easily know what you want. There are six kinds of Facebook business pages, they’re, Local business or place, company organisation or institution,brand or product, artist band,or public figure, entertainment,course or topic.


This are six different kinds of Facebook business and they play different roles, which I will like to discuss with you on this blog post now.Do read it to the end to see disclosed secret about Facebook business and how to make over $5000 from Facebook business in a week.

What are the Different kinds of Facebook business in Pakistan?


Local or place Facebook business

This is type of Facebook business that needs a physical or local place.Now on this kind of Facebook account,you will also have a physical shop or store. Local facebook business needs a clear detailsa about your business, after you have make your choice out of 39 categories.Create Facebook business page here

Even if the categories didn’t match with your requirements,you can go ahead and select any category from it. Local facebook business needs a full details like working hours, parking options and price ranges. Click here to creat your “local or place Facebook business” http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

Company organisation or institution

This is a company type that is not necessary to open it the way local business it.If you have multiple store in the same city,you have to decide on company policy about Facebook business.Create Facebook business page here

Brand or product

This type of Facebook business is good for business people that have brand. Facebook business made it easy by providing some amazing categories such as cars ,clothing, computer,pet supplies and genetic categories.http://Create Facebook business page here

Artist, band or public figure

If you’re an artist or bamd i suggest you should go for this category.this categories include artist, Busines people,actor, chefs and dancers.Facebook business page


This is for people that has TV shows or magazine,or you are creating a page just for your music CD,then select this page.There are about 30 categories listed on this side just select and create your page.

Cause or community

If you’re creating non profit organizations or business page, don’t select this category,you can select other category I mentioned on this blog post,but don’t select this one, because you are running non profit Facebook business.

Facebook business in Pakistan


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