3 best Steps on how to report a website that copies your website articles on Google


         writing a blog post is not easy and seeing people copying your website articles to their own website, makes the owner  of the original content to feel so bad;


If the original creator is not good in keywords and SEO, there’s a  probability of the person that copied the contents  to rank higher than the original owner of the post which is so painful and bad. 😫


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Now on this blog post I will guide you on few steps to take to report a website that is copying your website content to their own website and also render the website that copied your content from ranking high on search engines.

 How to report a copied blog post content


First step on how to report a website that copied your site content;


Now you need  to visit Google webmaster copyrighted remover website, Click here to visit the page  you can search it on your Google search box, make sure its there website also shown on the screenshot,fill all your details that’s required,then under it, you will see  identity and describe the copyrighted work, now at this point copy the place or paragraph that matches your own paragraph on your post.


Hope you’re following the steps?


Second step on how to report a website that copied your site content;



Now after you have found  and copied a paragraph that matches your own content,then provide a link (URL) where an example of copyrighted work can be seen, now this link you provided will be use by Google webmaster copyrighted remover, to review if it’s really true that it’s a copied content from your website.


Third step on how to report a website that copied your site content;



Now in this stage you need to provide the URL of the copied post you want Google webmaster copyrighted remover to remove from Google. Then tick the 3 dot under the checkboxes under the sworn boxes.


Finally fill all your details by putting your names,date and summit your details, congratulations you just reported those lazy bloggers that can not create there own unique content.

Now your turn, your feedback is highly recommended on our comment box.also read related blog article here on sonshinefx.com



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