How to prepare Akara

Nigeria Sweet Akara

Akara preparation steps; how to prepare sweet Nigerian Akara, complete guild.Akara is on of the food that has to do with some procedures, before it reaches the stage of consumption. Do you want to learn how to prepare akara? Or do want to start selling Akara around your,but you don’t know the steps on how to prepare a good Akara? Don’t worry you are in a right platform for a good tips to prepare a best Akara for your self and for your selling also.

Now I will like to guild you on how to prepare a delicious Nigerian Akara,in easy way.

Steps to prepare a sweet Akara

Firstly you need get a beans, because without beans Akara can not be prepared, actually beans is what we use to prepare a sweet Akara. Now either you get a white or brown beans, about two cups, but if it’s for sale, you can use four cups or above depending your customers. Now remove stone and spoiled ones from it,to avoid sand in it,then wash it and put it all in a mortal, and pound it smoothly.

After that,put it out in a big bowl,add it water to remove the back. Then wash your frying pot, after that ,pour it out and put it in a bowl again and remove the backs, wash it until the back are gone. Now after removing the backs, you can now put the clean beans in neat small kitchen bucket,add it fresh pepper, onions,salt, make sure it’s washed very well,then add crayfish,if you want to add Maggi you can, this ingredients are used for preparation of Niigerian Akara.

Now after everything has been added,to the raw beans, you can now take it to a nearby shop where you can ground it,but if you have a good blender for it,it should be more better,you can easily use it and blend it.

Akara preparation tips Second stage

Now if have grounded the beans already, then place the frying pan on fire,once the water is dry, you now add groundnut oil,may be you can use half of it. After about five minutes,turn the grounded beans in a mortal and turn it with an pestle slowly, now bring spoon and start taking it from the mortal,as the quantity of what you want it to be,if big or small is definitely upto you.

Akara preparation tips stage three

Now it stays on fire about five minutes, depending the level of your gas heat,once it reaches five minutes, then turn it so that both sides will be done very well,once is has done and change color,you can now take it out of fire and enjoy your sweet Akara ,Very simple to fry 🀭 but only that the preparation is a bit hard.

Nigerian Akara is so sweet most especially when it’s so hot,you will enjoy it more and more πŸ˜€ Akara preparation tips is done here .πŸ‘

pay attention Β to this

Do not leave the beans to stay for more than four hours to prevent spoilage, now pay attention to this information.

Always try to read other diet preparation tips on this website and always return for more sweet food preparation guild, we are ready to give you all food preparation steps.

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