25+| best method to stop eating much food

Do you eat much food and you want to stop it? Relax on this blog post I will teach you how you can stop eating much food.

I used to eat much food before ,and I was so worried about it, so I was actually looking for a way to stop eating much food,I asked so many of my friends to give me suggestions which some did, which some feedback was so insulting,so I said to myself “it’s well”.

The suggestions some of my friends gave me didn’t work because I keep eating much food after there suggestions.

So I later meet my friend “Mattis Rogers” who gave me the final and effective steps to take so that I can stop eating much food and i applied this simple steps which helped me out from eating much food everytime, thanks once again my friend Mattis Rogers.😊

“According to my friend,he said Daniel  I suggest you should begin to eat like a naturally lean person eat.Each and every lean person does this following things”

He mentioned some things which I will disclose here also,but I try telling him that I’m not lean he said to me don’t say that just follow this step and see how effective the step would be.

method to stop eating much food

• Eat until your satisfied: Not until your completely stuffed or Nauseous. How? Read on to find out.

• Eeat slowly: Chew each bite on for food at least 20 to 25 times before you swallow it.chewing slowly makes you to realize how full you truly are.

• pay attention: we are not in school anymore,but still…eat in quite and remove each and every distraction.Remove every don’t stay in front of TV, don’t stay in noisy place, don’t stay with your smartphone or laptop, always focus on the food you’re eating. Take note of how many times you chew your food, always realize how your body feel why eating and take note how your body feels, know when your body tells you I’m okay I’m nice.

The more you focus on what you are eating,the less you will avoid overeat.

• Ear what you want in moderation: Don’t omit what you normally eat,but eat in moderation. Always realize when your body tells you I’m good and I am filled. The key points to is know when your body tells you to Stop eating.

• Drink a lot sparkling water or zero calories beverage,why you are eating

Everytime you swallow a bite of food,wash it down with a glass of water.You will be surprise how you get filled easily and always listen to your body natural wisdom.

Now I know what  you are thinking. All of this is pretty common sense right? Well sure common sense is far different from common practice.

And you do be surprise how it is do easy for you to do,once you have made above behaviour a habit then you are good to go.

Yes this was the step I took, I made it a habit and it works out for me. Now I don’t eat too much food anymore. So guys just try this behaviour and see how effective it is thank you and congratulations in advance.Food preparation tip:- a good way to prepare bread toast, complete guide.

Eeting much food

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