20 top best ideas to sell on Amazon prime day: how to cancel Amazon order UK

Amazon prime day ; Looking how to start selling in Amazon shop online? Here are the top best ideas to start selling online with Amazon shop. knowing the best selling strategies on Amazon prime day.

Now I will begin by showing you how to register on Amazon online shop, because you have to register before you stsst your shop with them.

How to register on Amazon.(Amazon prime day)

Before you start your registration,there are two plans which is “ Individual and professional plan.”

Individual plan : it costs $0.99 per sell.

professional plan : it cost $39.99 per month.

This are the alternative plan in Amazon,you can change the plan if it doesn’t favour you.

Things you need for a complete registration on Amazon

• Bank account and routing number

• chargable credit card

• Gobernment issued credit card

• Tax information

• phone number


After you completed all this ,you register your account and begin to sell your product.

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What are  the top best product to sell on Amazon prime day?

Amazon prime day

The to  top product vary by year ,season trends,but Amazon keeps a constant tally of the most popular item if you’re looking for a snapshot view at any given moments. Most time toys and games, electronics and gadget,books and clothing,have been constantly high.

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How to be profitable as an Amazon seller?


Amazon makes everything accessible to there customers,most importantly there sellers they almost provide everything.

Using your own strategies to follow up with your sales,think beyond Amazon platform,there are many other platforms you can promote your products after you have registered on Amazon. Share your Amazon products on your website,social media.


1. Choose the right niche

when running a business on Amazon,you have to choose products that people are really interested in. Doing business research to know the trends products will help you out on Amazon.


2. Be a proactive marketer

Listing your business or product on Amazon is good ,but thinking beyond Amazon platform is best. Like i said earlier on this post you should also share your business on social media ,email ,Your blog. Choosing Facebook business page will be helpful, creating,choosing  products that will attract the audience,you may use visual content for more attractions to the product. Create ads on Facebook,promote your products and make more more sales. 


How much can you make selling on Amazon?


what are you bringing to your customers? There are many factors that will effect your success as a third part on Amazon. The popularity of your products,pricing competitions,marketing effort.how often you put effort on your product will determine how much you will make from your product monthly.

most of the people make a lot of dollars between $3000 to $5000 everything month so what have you.

How to list products on Amazon

To sell a product on Amazon,you must first create a product listing. Either match existing products or you create a new listing.

The best way to list your product using a professional sellers account have the option of listing there products in large batches using bulk uploading or inventory management with third party systems,while individual sellers list products ona at a time.

After listing your products on Amazon,it will become avialable to both B2c and B2B costumers .


The best things you need to start listing your products on Amazon


Most time products must have a Global Trade Items Number. (GTIN) or an EAN. Amazon use it to identify the exact products you’re selling.

In additiona to a product listing ID,here’s some important of the important information that goes into eech products listing.

. products title

. product description and bullet points

. Product images

. search items and relevant keywords


When you use all the steps on this blog post ,you will be successful on your Amazon always remember to put more effort and think beyond Amazon website only for your products to excel worldwide.

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