(20+) | best wild humming bird food : How to make easy bird food with peanut seed


Making wild humming bird food with peanut is not as hard as you think. Even your little kids can  easily make bird food with peanut,with this easy steps.

Birds food recipe can easily be make at the comfort of your home, that’s the best part of it. Continue to read to see easy guide to make best wild humming bird food.Duck Business promotion tips

How to mix bird food recipe, with peanut butter from home

Now I will list out things that you need to make bird food with peanut. Make sure you don’t miss any thing that I will mention right now.

What you need to make wild humming bird food

• peanut butter

• Bird seed 

• 3 pieces of stale bread 

• Cookie cutters

• pipe cleaner 


You need to start by using the cookie cutter to cut the middle the bread.Once you have got the shape cut out,then you will carefully and gently poke a pipe cleaner through each shape and twist the ends together.

Wild humming bird food

 After that take and spread  peanut butter over each shape and then place the peanut butter side down into a bowl of birds seed and make sure you press gradually and coat the entire shape.

Wild humming bird food

Once you have coated the side, remove And it’s ready to hang on a three or fence. It’s very simple to make.

So this is just a simple steps to make wild humming bird food with peanut. After you have hang it on fence or three, it will dry then then after it you can take it inside because it’s ready.

Hope you find this step interested ? Let is know on our comment box and always return to our website for more wild humming bird food with peanut.

Wild humming bird food



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