128BTC Review: How To Trade Using Uncle Bot

What is 128Btc?

128Btc is the world first per-to-per team crownfunding system that allows tpu to earn half of everything that happens to your organization forever. 128btc is based on the world famous Mobius loop and system G technology which is the most successfully per_to_per team crownfunding program in the world right now.

Who is Uncle bot in 128btc?

Uncle bot is a trading Robot that has been program for 128btc members to run trading on there behalf even when there’s increase or decrease in cryptocurrency space. Uncle bot do all the trading activities and return the profit to your trading account. Uncle bot is known as the mast of all bot.

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Simple break down how 128btc work?

Turn 0.0005 btc into 128 btc within a space of 0ne year. Now see how to make it possible in few steps.

The Automatic Matrix

(Level 1 )

pay 0.0005btc

Recieve 0.001btc from 2 donation

Automatic upgrade to 0.00075btc

Auto withdrawal balance 0.00025btc

(Level 2)

Auto entry of 0.00075btc

Recieve 0.003btc from 4 donation

Automatic upgrade to 0.002btc

Auto withdrawal balance 0.01btc

(Level 3)

Auto entry 0.002btc

receive 0.016btc from 8 donation

Automatic upgrade to 0.01btc

withdrawal balance of 0.006

(Level 4)

Auto entry of 0.01btc

receive 0.016btc from 16 donation

Automatic upgrade to 0.1btc

Automatic withdrawals of 0.06btc

(Level 5)

Auto entry of 0.1btc

receive 3.2btc from 32 donations

Automatic upgrade 2btc

Auto withdrawal balance 1.2btc

(Level 6)

Auto ebtry 2btc

Receive 128btc from 64 donations

Auto withdrawal balance 128btc.Everytime you make a donations you will Recieve a shae of your withdraw balance instantly.

128btc is a long term project,it’s not type of project you will spend the whole day to do. Its a project that you will bring only 2 serious minded people. In 128btc you only need 0.0005btc which is equivalent to $35 to get register.

Why 128btc is the best ?

If you join the 128btc with 0.0005btc and register 2 people,you will earn 100% bonus from your team where theu work or not. NO YEAM Building if you don’t want to pr balance legs all earnings, upgrade,withdrawal are automatic. Qualifications to earn level bonus is to refer two people.

How can i fund my 128btc accounts.

You can fund your account using







The minimum amount to withdraw from 128 btc is 0.0005btc.

Is 128btc legit or scam?

128btc is a newly platform. Currently the platform is very legit and trusted. There’s no scam record of the company all there customers are happy because they’re fulfilling their promoises. Why join the platform always join with what you can afford to loose because this website will not accept any harm cause by the company. Have a successfully invetment.