(10+)| how to convert YouTube videos to Mp4 file for bloggers

Looking for the best step to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files, using your PC or Smartphone? On this blog post I will show you steps on how to convert YouTube videos to Mp4,MP3 files for free.(highly recommended for iPhone, android and laptop users).


Converting any YouTube videos to files needs an app most especially for iPhone users. So on this post I recommend you the Snappea App I use to convert my YouTube videos to files. It works perfectly both on iPhone and Android.Promotion of business through YouTube

How to convert YouTube videos to MP3,MP4 files for free using iPhone 6-13


Step 1 : how to convert Your YouTube videos to MP4 files

Firstly you have to download SNAPPEA APP  on AppStore and  Visit you tube channel, using a good browser such as safari on your iphone. when you visit YouTube channel get the link of your favourite videos you want to convert to MP files.

how to get youtuYo link video

Click on the right side dot of the video, click on share video and copy the link shown on my screen shot. But if you can’t copy, then share the video to your whatapp or massage so you can get the video’s link.

Convert YouTube videos

Step 2 : how to convert your YouTube videos to MP4 files

Now I believe that you have copied your YouTube video link. Now move to the app you downloaded. Paste your YouTube link you copied or shared as I instructed earlier on this blog post. Once you have paste it on the app, it  will be processed.

Step 3 : how to convert YouTube videos to MP4 files

After it has been processed, then you will be given options to download video as MP4 or Mp3 file choose Mp3 and save then allow the app download it as Mp3 on your iPhone.


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