10+ best business listing site in Nigeria | top location citation.

Business listing site I

Online business listings is one of the great SEO  tools to make your business to rank very high and have a value reputation on internet. Business listing site Help business to get more traffic and be visible on search engines. When your business is visible to your customers,then definitely you’re leading.


Top Business listing site and directories in Nigeria

There are many Business listing site in Nigeria,but this ones that I will list out here are valid with high rate of D.A + Traffic.


1 .   NigeriaBusinessDirectory

Business listing site

Nigeria business directory and listing is a marketing and networking company created for the purpose of helping African countries to develope There business through online listing.

Nigeria business directory is one of the top best business listing site in Nigeria,tha has stayed almost 10yrs with 500+ Domain Authority on there website.Top 10 Best ideas on how to write business proposal in Nigeria

They provide a unique opportunity by helping there member to search business development and services. Visit there website here for more inquiries Nigeria business directory.

List your business so it can be visible to audience and in internet as well.



Business listing site

Ngex is one of the free online business listing and directories. They specialise in many other related services apart from listing and directories, such as doing data Analysis, data management etc. NGEX business listing is one of the top best site that’s good in seo.


3 .  Finelib.com

Business listing site I

Finelib.com was developed with an idea to develop Nigerian local content thereby leveraging information technology potentials for higher productivity, good governance and global competitiveness for Nigerian companies offering goods and services.

The website helps businesses who need customers to find them. Finelib.com works in all the areas local customers search which includes online, mobile and more. The company’s primary goal is to develop and grow Nigeria local content in a wide variety of topics.


4. LGT Nigeria

Business listing site

The main goal of the company is to organize Nigeria’s Business Information; making it easily accessible and useful to the general population as well as provide a platform to help promote the Nigerian startup business and their products.


5. Confirmed.Ng

Business listing site

Confirmed.ng  Is one of the value business directory in Nigeria. Confirmed.ng is located in Fct Abuja.

They specialise in building an effective business directory within and outside Abuja. You can contact them and know more about there business.

Business listing site I


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